Startups Catching Up To Make Better Workplaces For Women

The world has witnessed that all businesses do better when there is no gender bias in the workforce Women's involvement and participation in the business world are also quite visible in economic growth. The new age of women prefers to work, explore, learn and break the glass ceiling in the corporate world. In India, many startups are run by women, and many factors drive the woman workforce to join startups. Such as, recognition in admiration, regard, esteem, and renown motivate women entrepreneurs/workforce.

According to a survey by Bain & Company, more than 45 percent of Indian women in rural areas were driven to start a business to gain recognition. Another factor is results. Women led startups provide 35 percent higher ROI compared to those led by men. The ability to generate more returns encourages women to join startups.

Startups for Women a Lucrative Option
Usually, freshers prefer to work the startups, with the experienced lot also trying their hand happily. Well, since a startup means a small team, a closer team, and thus a better team. It is here where you are allowed to don different hats. Yes, even that weird hat you thought you would never get to do, but you might, with that talent brimming inside you. Recognition is the word, and it is what you get here. History says women struggled a lot to be recognized.

Hence, it is the time and the platform to be recognized. People who establish a startup come with a totally different vision from those who have never got the chance/idea/whatever it takes to create some thing of their own. And `Startup Entrepreneurs' are also well-known for seeing a problem and finding an innovative way to solve it. Besides this, they even work on innovations so that similar issues do not arise in the future.

Thus such leaders are the best to learn from. And women being keen and faster learners are finding jobs with startups a better option than with those established corporates that continue to work on an idea that might not be refreshed from time to time. According to popular belief, women are gifted with life skills. Startups provide a great work culture where colleagues become the second family. Getting a lot of support even outside of work and taking suggestions from every employee instill trust and ownership in the employees, who take up bigger challenges for the organization. Hence, when you matter, it results in immense `Work-Satisfaction'.

Regarding education, India ranks among the top worldwide for producing female graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry, with as many as 40 percent of women graduating from this field

Flexible Work Environment
Well, most startups might indeed demand long working hours in the beginning. But soon, they will progress to the next phase, where they need to compete with other startups. And it is at this time they award all your hard work with benefits that promotes work-life balance to retain you in your job since you have been there when they needed a dedicated employee; since you have been there when they were jittery to go ahead with an idea and since you accepted them (mostly) when even their peers didn't believe `it' would work. And this reward means flexible work hours, parental leave, and wellness perks! Isn't that what most working women who double up as caring mothers/wives look for?

A flexible work environment is a catch-point and a boon to the women workforce but also growth for the steady growth of any startup due to NO or Minimal workforce exodus. It is because workforce exodus means an exodus of ideas that have been giving you the expected push so far. In the recent past, India has noticed many success stories of women ­ either creating startups or working there, since these are mostly exemplary organizations that make an ecosystem where equal opportunities are given irrespective of gender.

Medical research has also proved that women have better attention and performance span than men. But obviously, a startup that is always at risk of running out of steam relies on a diverse team which means better decisions. Hence, an even temperament, a healthy lifestyle with work-life balance, and a wide range of experiences will persist in attracting women to startups. No wonder startups are a raging trend in the global job market because of their unique and innovative idea-driven work culture.