Startups Riding The D2C Wellness Wave

Health problems have alleviated over the last decade and the reason, mostly, has been our lifestyle. The fast paced routine in a cut throat marathon of our professional being has left us very little time to think about our health. Often ailments are prescribed with proper intake of food and exercise, however, it is no more a secondary station. Now, people are more aware of their physical well being and reach out to Nutitionist and Dietician to not just steer clear of health problems but maintain a healthy life.

More so, pushing in the work from home culture, the pandemic gave people, the time to think about their lifestyle and eating habits. Many holed up in their home went overboard with their diet. Even the `fitness freak' of your gym was busy stuffing biryani because why not! Come the gradual unlock, people stepped out and were usually greeted by `O my god, look at all that weight you've put on'.

The startup space has taken notice of the change and D2C (direct-to-consumer) nutrition startups, catering to the needs of children and adults alike, have gained traction. The new rules under FSSAI have made it easier for the authorities to govern the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of nutraceutical supplements within the country.

However, this is inadequate when it comes to providing a permanent solution for the issues associated with the registration process. As of now, the central focus should be to have a structured process of registration for the nutraceutical industry. This will in turn make available preventive health solutions to the consumers at lightning speed, making the industry a lot more competitive.

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