Technologies Enhancing Startups Lifestyle

Monica Pallavi J

Technology is soaring its wings across every possible sector. It has marked its essence in every aspects from rockets and missiles to dayto-day communication. That’s not the end it! It will continue to evolve in much faster pace enabling changes in life, progressing businesses, accelerating startups growth. And this ingenious human invention is making way for new job roles and providing employment opportunities.

This is not something centric to IT companies and professionals. With no doubt we can term Technology to be omnipresent, it is widely playing role in every business market. Career based on tech in 21st century is constantly changing. There is a new trend coming up on every tick on the clock. It all means that staying updated is a necessity to thrive the business to excellence. Startups which add flavor of latest trends, automation and mechanization into its business will stand out in the domain.

Here is the list of technologies that creates job opportunities & helps startups to eye better future.
1.Artificial Intelligence
AI is a buzzword in recent years. The impact it has created on businesses and individuals life is enormous. This awesome invention is making machines think like just human do, working hand-in-hand with AI will make us do wonders through business as the output would be prone to fewer errors. Researchers
predict that jobs in AI will be increased to 23 million by 2020.Jobs will be created in development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance, to name a few. Artificial Intelligence architect is one such job. Some say it will soon rival data scientist in need for skilled professionals.

Technology provides the public agencies the capability to get real time data and plan routing and services dynamically

2.Machine Learning
This anyways which falls under the big umbrella called Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being a buzz word to important factor of business processes. Realizing the benefits of Machine Learning on the whole, Millions of dollars are being invested into the startup ecosystem. Companies around the globe, boosted by countries’ various strategies, have worked to implement AI practices. The Machine learning market is expected to grow to USD8.81 billion by 2020. It is providing varied opportunities in data analytics, data mining, and pattern recognition. It is also powering up the search results on web applications, enhancing the user experience.

3. Robotics and Robotic Process Automation
This is another technology that is automating jobs in a faster pace. The impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on employment opportunities have always been a topic of speculation. Research are taking place is diminish the fear. A report generated by Gartner suggests that by 2020, AI & Robotics would generate an estimated 2.3 million jobs globally. This was calculated by taking into account the 1.8 million jobs made simpler by automation. The field is picking up the trend across various sectors and grabbing the attention of business ecosystem. As a result, many startups are employing robotics in order to optimize the production process and provide products worth the value. This is improving the economic life of companies which in turn results in global development.

Adding to this list Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things are also playing a vital role in growth of startups by providing avenue for newer appellations.