The Magic Of New Beginnings 2023:

New Year is the time or day currently at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one. The New Year is a perfect time to make a change for the better. New Year Eve is a symbol for starting over, for leaving some things in past, and taking on new challenges. The year motivates us to start new projects and gives us the energy to live our lives with renewed Zeal and joy and it is a joyous festival celebrated all over the world. May these new beginnings of another year make your life easier. Out with the Old, in with the New. Happy New Year!

We start planning for the New Year party many days in advance you believe as soon as December comes, people start asking each other the same question, what is the plan for the New Year? Let's spend more of your time, we tell you about some wonderful and budget friendly places in India.

Goa- Talking about partying on New Year, how can we forget Goa? What better way than the party capital of the country to ring in the new year with gusto? From bohemian beach parties to rocking nightclub events, there's no shortage of exciting ways to welcome the New Year here. One of the best destinations in India, Goa tops the list of places to visit with friends. Be it beaches, hills, resorts, sightseeing or bars, Goa has got you everything.

Shimla- You can also choose a cold and snow covered place to enjoy the first day of the year. You will not get a better option than this to enjoy the year with food and drink. You can add Churches, Mall Road, or The Ridge to your list of things to do here. Be sure to enjoy the bonfire with friends, as well as sipping hot coffee helps people to escape from the cold. This place is also best for skiing.

To begin something new, it’s helpful to make space in your mind by letting go of aspects or attitudes that you no longer want to bring forward with you into your future

Jaipur-Jaipur is the best New Year party destination in India. Choose this colorful and vibrant city to bid goodbye to 2022. Jaipur New Year parties are associated with scintillating fireworks and music. Some of the best party spots here include Lohagarh Fort Resort, Nahargarh Fort, and Blackout. If you are going to hang out with friends in Jaipur then this is the best place for the New Year celebration.

Manali- A trip to Manali is incomplete without visiting its tourist attractions. Tibetan Monastery, Van Vihar, Vashisht Temple, and DJ for the New Year party playing amidst the hills, make the day memorable for the tourists. Parachuting, paragliding, and skating are some of the major adventures here, be sure to try any of these activities with friends. Along with this, the famous Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara here is also the best place to visit in the New Year.

New beginnings can happen more easily than you can know now and it will dive into 5 ways to bring yourself forward in a more elevated energetic state. Anything is possible when you look at it in a new way.

1.Tap into your Learning’s: Think of how far you have come what have you learned or discovered about yourself. Where you were a year ago, what have you experienced and what do you know now? What do you appreciate about your life and experience? In a journal, make two columns: What I learned + What I appreciate.

2.Elevate your Energy: To begin something new, it’s helpful to make space in your mind by letting go of aspects or attitudes that you no longer want to bring forward with you into your future. Most of the time, these are just behaviors you’ve adopted as a way of handling stress. To really give yourself a fresh start, and elevate your energy, the invitation is to turn that critical voice into something kinder. We all have parts within us that we don’t love it could be the procrastinator, the one who doubts, the perfectionist, or the scared part. So to let go and create a more elevated state, instead of getting mad at yourself, accept and be tender with these parts. Become the reassuring voice that you did not have at the time.

3. Get your Crew Together: Imagine there is a core team of people or advisors you resonate with living or already passed and then imagine you had an energetic or spirit guide in the group too. Who would you choose to be part of your council and who comes mind for you? The idea is that when you have a question, you are trying to get more clarity on; you can ask it your council just before sleep, and allow the info to come to you. Another way is to ask you .Then, in the following days, listen and look for clues. They can come up in the lyrics of a song, in the shower, or anywhere. Be aware that you can tune into other levels for your new soulaligned beginning.

4. What’s your Word?: I invite you to choose a theme word for the year. This is your intentional word that you measure everything by, every decision. For example, if your word is peace ask: would making this choice give me peace? My word is alignment. Does making this choice make me more aligned with my higher self, does it align with enhanced energy in my body, does it align with my values, my aspirations, and how I choose to walk through this life? If the answer is yes, then I move on with it! If your word is strength, would making this choice help me feel stronger and more empowered? If it’s joy, ask: would this decision bring me joy? It’s incredibly helpful. So what is your word, and how will you use it?

5. See & Feel it:What will you embrace – what qualities within yourself? Is it more freedom, creativity, humor, empathy, love, and success as you define it? Take a moment and really PICTURE what that might look like, all the details, and FEEL it already, easily, comfortably in your life – put yourself there. You are elevating the positive charge. If all the details are not yet formed, give it a color – your color that represents growth, joy, peace, and expansion. You know how Pantone has a color of the year; you get to decide what is yours. And then have it be a touch point that you can bring into your mind when you want to connect with that state. This year, mine is turquoise, like the clear warm waters of a tropical bay.