Trends In Digital Marketing And The Growth Of Kolkata As A Digital Marketing Hub In India

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and services, through the help of digital technologies mainly on the internet but also through other digital media suchas mobile phones and digital advertisements. Digital Marketing is a different ball game altogether, unlike doing business in retail stores and shopping outlets. In today’s competitive world, efficient digital marketing proves to be a game changer, as online platforms provide the customer with a multitude of choices that an offline retail store or shopping outlet may not provide. It is because of this reason that essentially all major business organizations have their respective online presence across multiple social media platforms. To sustain a brand in this competitive environment it is very important to keep the customer engaged, for it is the key to the overall development of any business. According to multiple surveys, it has been reported that approximately 82% of the businesses are working in close association with Digital Marketing Agencies. In the business of modern times, social media is the primary platform to engage with customers.

Digital Marketing processes in the near future will focus more on personalized marketing and accurate targeting to capture the ever shrinking attention of customers. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to have a customer centric market if they wish to thrive in
the market. In order to understand the personality and preferences of the customers, companies are tuning in to analytics provided by data giants like Google and Facebook. Smart companies are increasingly relying on integrated analytics solutions

Promotion of products and services through Digital Marketing is increasing at a very rapid pace in India this is especially true in the case of Kolkata, which is emerging as a leading Digital Marketing hub in India. Low cost of investment, abundant supply of skilled and semi skilled labor, Low cost of living and expenditure compared to other megacities of India- these among many other factors have contributed to the emergence of Kolkata as the major marketing hub of India at present. The use of social media platforms for the purpose of the advertisement has led to the growth of small, medium and large business enterprises in Kolkata. The small business enterprises are taking the aid of Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata to promote their products through various social media platforms and Digital Marketing techniques. Some of the marketing trends which have gained huge popularity in Kolkata include Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Twitter ads Video ads, and Transit media advertising.

According to a recent survey done by the government of India, the state of Bengal is only in second place after Gujarat for the ease of doing business.

The reasons for the present success of Kolkata as an emerging hub for Marketing can be traced back to the year 2011. In 2011, Mamata Banarjee came to power, and she immediately announced a number of measures to increase investment in the city of Kolkata.

By the year 2030, Kolkata is expected to become the leading center for Digital Marketing Agencies and E-commerce in India.