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  • 10 Best Essential Oil Brand Startups - 2023

    Sorted Natural Applications are Resulting in Assorted Healthcare Benefits
    In recent years, the essential oil industry has witnessed tremendous growth in India. The increasing awareness about essential oils has altered the consumer preferences, thus more demand for essential oil products have evolved the industry with more trendy and effective products in the market. The more people are becoming conscious about health and wellness, the more essential oil market is growing and developing. Essential oils and their numerous applications in aromatherapy, cosmetic, personal care, food & beverages and health industries are resulting with positive outcome. India is well known for rich biodiversity and traditional knowledge about herbs...

10 Best Essential Oil Brand Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
7 Whole Essentials 7 Whole Essentials Ashwani Thakur, Founder Enriching the authentic knowledge of essential oils to impr ove the health & wellness, the company deals with the prominent personal & health care products, home care products and food and dietary products which are made up of essential oils, natural herbs, spices and fragrances
Alchemy Cosmetics Alchemy Cosmetics Akshay Sonde, Founder Promoting veganism and cruelty free living, the firm uses Ecocert and Cosmos certified ingredients in their products and creating ingenious experiences powered with the blend of essential oils. They provide wide range of organic body care, hair care and home care products such as shower gels, shampoo and organic candles
Becarre Speciality Ingredients Becarre Speciality Ingredients Abdul Haseeb K, Director Driven by passion to offer natural ingredients, the company provides essential oils, natural colors, flavours and reservatives to various industries. They supply natural ingredients to various industries such as food & beverages, nutraceutical, animal health, personal care, aromatherapy and so on
Calypso Essential Oils Calypso Essential Oils Akshar Kanvatirth, Managing Partner Committed to deliver exceptional natural products, the firm offers variety of natural essential oil-based products such as carrier oils, natural butters, natural clay, floral waters and pigmented colors which are organic and containing no harmful chemicals
Celosia Celosia Apurv Chaturvedi & Nishant Sharma, Directors Supplying quality essential oils & related products directly for building natural lifestyle products, the company has global presence and offers essential oils products for industries such as aromatherapy, beauty, pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda and so on
Conscious Living Aromas Conscious Living Aromas Nabeela D'souza, Founder Educating and empowering the people to use aromatherapy for their mind, body and soul, the firm offers wide range of products and services that provide solutions for everyday problems like anxiety, stress, depression, migraine, muscle pain and insomnia, thereby it enhances the overall goodness
Damante Perfumes Damante Perfumes Sandhya Bhardwaj, Founder Associating the powerful sense of 'frangrance' to correlate with emotions, the firm produces high end essential oil-based perfumes which are long lasting, skin friendly and hand crafted variants. They provide international quality at reasonable prices
Perfume Drops Perfume Drops Venkatesh Duraisamy, Managing Partner Manufacturers and suppliers of standardized floral and herbal extracts in India, the firm offers perfumary and personal care products which are centered on fragrance attraction, essential oils, spice oleoresins and botanical extracts. In order to guarantee the quality of their products they ensure to opt best raw materials and process control
Praana Praana Peali Dutta Gupta, Founder & CEO Invoking peace & harmony through aromatherapy, the firm offers pure aromatic-based hair and skin care products, vegan candles and pure essential oils. They offer customized products based on Zodaic signs and themes
Vrindaam Organics Vrindaam Organics Ashok Chowdhary, Founder As a pioneer in developing pristine based products which can bring solutions for various health challenges such as insomnia, head ache, body pain, lack of immunity and depression, the firm is committed to resolve this issues by reintroducing the ancient himalayan remedies by offering essential products