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  • Startup of the Year ­- 2022

    Owing to the technology advancements and taking advantage of the new trade opportunities, the business ecosystem has significantly evolved over the years, now, and startup ecosystem is an aggregator of the same presenting the business world with prolific business opportunities, by tapping on new market segments or improvising of the existing products or services. Today, Indian startup eco-system is the third largest in the world after U.S. and China. The mighty digital infrastructure backed by robust internet connection and smart devices are the key drivers of the startup to projecting on an upward growth journey. The emergence of startups addressing the major and minor unaddressed issues has dynamically served the business and consumers needs today, providing for the products...

Startup of the Year ­- 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3N Sirius Consulting 3N Sirius Consulting Neha Nihitha Vanagala, Managing Partner Even in the current economy with signs of an oncoming recession and recruitment being slowed down by most companies, we are still going strong, thanks to our diversified verticals
Azista Industries Azista Industries Ravi Chandra Reddy, Board of Director We aim to expand our product line to include leafy greens and herbs to meet the domestic demand, and enhance the nutritional value of plant-based proteins while focusing on the product supply for body mass enrichment and other pertinent information
Craft Tatva Craft Tatva Ajay S., Founder After the spree of interacting with 100+ artists we have realised the problem is the same for all. We launched crafttatva.com with a vision to eliminate the majority of the barriers to our artists.
Hubler Hubler Vinay Agrrawal, Founder Hubler began with a small group of young college graduates eager to create the next big technological revolution.
Learner Circle Learner Circle Anuradha Venkatachalam, Co-founder Our Expert tutors are handpicked through a rigorous multi-stage selection process and induction program. All our courses are outcome driven with definite milestones in every stage as the child progresses.
Popbaani Popbaani Rachita , Founder & CEO The major factor that motivated me to establish a firm for art lovers was actually a trip through the village around my college.
The Nosh House The Nosh House Sharad Agarwal , Founder which helped the company achieve their first major early success as a brand. Parfaits, open face sandwiches, baked casseroles, meal bowls and pastas, iced teas, smoothies, cold brews, and a variety of other foods are available at TNH.
Thinker Place Thinker Place Deepti Sharma , Director We offer three types of subscription boxes for three different age groups. The subscription box comes with six DIY Kits