100X.VC aims to Invest in 100 Start-Ups via ISAFE

Monica Pallavi J100X.VC, one of India's first venture capitalist firms is said to invest in 100 start-ups through India Simple Agreement for Future Equity notes. Interestingly, ISAFE was introduced to avoid tedious documentation and truncating timelines significantly.

100X.VC will focus its investments in companies across a broad range of industries. It primarily concentrates on start-ups having disruptive business models, high growth and scale. The investment would range from INR 2.5 million to 10 million for early stage startups.

100X.VC team includes Sanjay Mehta, founder and partner; Ninad Karpe, partner; Yagnesh Sanghrajka, CFO; Shashank Randev, founder VC and Vatsal Kanakiya, CTO.

Mr. Ninad Karpe, Ace Corporate Leader, who partnered 100X.VC said, "100X.VC is truly a game-changer. I am delighted to be part of this exciting journey of funding start-ups in India using a unique model. I hope to bring to bear my entire corporate experience to nurture and grow the startups we invest in".

An entrepreneur-turned-angel investor, Sanjay Mehta, has invested in more than 130 startups so far across various segments. Mehta has now is expanded his ambit with 100X.VC. He says, "Time has now come for us in India to make a huge leap in investing in start-ups, using globally successful models which will lend depth and scale to the VC industry. When start-ups become part of the 100X.VC ecosystem, they will get all that they truly need. For us, investing in 100 start-ups over the next twelve months is just the beginning".
100X.VC has received the final regulatory approvals, Investment Fund License and Investment Advisor License from the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to commence its operations.