Agility Ventures Provides Funding to ZEVO to Support the Launch of Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

ZEVO, the pioneering electric supply chain and warehousing platform has successfully raised funding from Agility Ventures, a leading Angel Fund in India. The newly acquired funding will propel ZEVO’s growth by expanding its fleet of electric vehicles and micro storages. The focus will be on enhancing last-mile delivery, integrated logistics solutions, and introducing electric refrigerated deliveries. Unveiling a distinctive approach,

ZEVO is reshaping supply chain dynamics by employing electric vehicles across diverse sectors, with a specialized focus on refrigerated solutions. The platform offers an integrated suite of services, including zero-emission vehicles for operations, EV charging powered by renewable energy, real-time monitoring, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery, and micro-storage solutions. By leveraging innovation and technology, ZEVO aims to revolutionize the supply chain network, ensuring customer satisfaction, reliability, and sustainability.

Founded by Aditya Singh Ratnu and Dhruv Bhatia, with guidance from Dr. Diwakar Dadoo and Mr. IV Rao, industry experts from Brand Capital and Maruti Suzuki, respectively, ZEVO embodies a blend of expertise and experience that has positioned it as a front-runner in sustainable logistics and mobility solutions. “As investors, we are thrilled to be part of Zevo India’s journey. We chose to invest in Zevo because of its unique and forward-thinking approach to revolutionizing the logistics sector in India.

Their commitment to sustainability, innovative use of electric vehicles, and end-to-end supply chain solutions align perfectly with our vision for the future of logistics. We believe that Zevo’s expertise and offerings have the potential to transform the industry, and we are excited to support their growth as they lead the way toward a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective logistics landscape in India. With the newfound funding,

ZEVO is poised for accelerated growth, focusing on expanding its electric vehicle fleet to 1000 3W and 4W vehicles. The emphasis will be on enhancing last-mile delivery and integrated logistics capabilities. This strategic investment positions ZEVO to cater to the burgeoning demand for sustainable transportation solutions while also establishing micro storages to fortify its commitment to environmentally friendly supply chain solutions. Singh further emphasized the market potential driven by the adoption of EV mobility and ZEVO’s unique positioning to facilitate businesses in transitioning to electric middle and last-mile operations.