Bengaluru-based NoPo Nanotechnologies upraises $3 million in Pre-Series A

NoPo Nanotechnologies, a pioneering nanotechnology startup, raised $3 million in a successful Pre-Series A funding round. The deep tech funds Axilor’s Micelio Fund and Inflexor Ventures co-led the round, which also included contributions from other climate-focused investors like Aureolis, Spectrum Impact, and angel investors. The implantation of capital will be used to increase creation, upgrade designing capacities, and execute an exhaustive worldwide go-to-showcase methodology.

Established by Dr. Gadhadar Reddy & Kelley Bradley, NoPo Nanotechnologies has created exclusive innovation for delivering excellent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes - SWCNTs.

This cutting-edge material can be used for a wide range of things, like increasing the energy density of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) & supporting quantum computing research in semiconductors.

In 2023, NoPo fortified its leadership group by raising Anto Godwin as a Co-Founder & welcoming on Arunima Patel as a Co-Founder concentrated in on Business Improvement. Arunima Patel, who has a track record of scaling and selling healthcare businesses successfully, expressed excitement regarding the potential impact and scale of NoPo’s climate technology solutions.

NoPo Nanotechnologies stands apart as the main Indian organization and one of only a handful of exceptional universally to deliver SWCNTs utilizing a proprietary patented method. Over the course of the past five years, this material has been consistently produced by the company, which is now concentrating on increasing its capacity to meet the rising demand in deep-tech from customers all over the world.

Notably, NoPo is leading the way in the creation of single chiral SWCNTs, which provide tight band gap control for electronic applications. This is a problem that only a few researchers around the world have successfully solved.

Speaking to this, Gadhadar Reddy, Founder & CEO, NoPo Nanotechnologies says, “We are excited to partner with Micelio & Inflexor, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in deep tech and the climate space. Their support will be invaluable as we scale our production capacity and develop our offerings for global customers in high-energy-density batteries and advanced electronics”.

Simlarly, highlighting their investment to the align the NoPo’s innovation, Alok Chauhan, Principal, Axilor’s Micelio Fund expresses, “Our investment in NoPo is rooted in our commitment to deep-science advancements that catalyze the transition to clean mobility. We are excited to back NoPo, believing that their cutting-edge technology can significantly impact industries like electric vehicles and semiconductors”.