Capital A Invests $25 Million in Logistics-Tech Firm RoaDo

Capital A, a seed to early-stage important start-ups venture firm, has made a strategic pre-series investment. An unknown sum has been invested in Bengaluru-based B2B logistics-tech firm RoaDo. RoaDo is a software-as-a-service platform that aims to improve supply chain visibility, real-time management, and efficiency. This is Capital A's first investment from its $25 million proprietary fund.

With the growing expansion of e-commerce, digitization of supply chains has become critical, especially during a pandemic. In such a dynamic market environment, B2B supply chains must eliminate inefficiencies and delays caused by human procedures and outdated technology.

RoaDo is a cloud-based platform that provides an operating system for logistics companies to assist them modernise their operations and improve their client experience. The solution is a plug-and-play technology partner that can be set up in less than 5 minutes and requires no additional hardware. The feature rich platform also enables for consignment monitoring and tracing without the use of GPS or other hardware, as well as AI-powered exceptions and warnings with actionable insights and automatic customer updates.

Ankit Kedia, Founder and Lead Investor at Capital A, commented on this, “logistics is considered to be the backbone of any country’s economy. In India, the development of this sector is being seen as the enabler in driving the country towards becoming global manufacturing and services. The government is aiming to bring down the cost of logistics to 10% from the current 14.4% within the next 4 years which will make the manufacturing sector competitive at the international level. To achieve this, there is a need for a new generation of service providers who integrate infrastructure, technology, and innovation to create solutions that help customers reduce operational costs and increase service efficiency. RoaDo perfectly suits the bill with its vision of digitizing the B2B supply chains in the country. Our strategic involvement with RoaDo is a step towards Capital A’s mission to invest in diversified and high potential sectors.”

Sharing his point of view RoaDo's Founder & CEO, Murugan Manoj Kumar J, stated, “India is one of the biggest and fastest-growing logistics markets in the world, and the potential is immense. However, there is a lack of digitization and optimization of processes. The logistics costs are much higher compared to any of the other major economies and until we transform the supply chains through digitization, we won’t be able to optimally use the resources and leverage the potential. This is where RoaDo has built a cloud-based, agile and scalable solution offering complete control and visibility to B2B logistics operators. The early-stage support from Capital A will help us further expedite the development of our platform and take it to the markets in a more streamlined and impactful manner.”

Ankit Kedia, the former founder of Manjushree Technopack Ltd, the largest rigid plastics packaging producer in the whole South Asia area, leads Capital A. In 2018, the firm was sold to Advent International. Capital-A is the formalisation of Ankit's enthusiasm for angel investing into something bigger and more meaningful. After all, a business starts with a B, and venture capital starts with an A.

Capital A assists companies in three ways: EQ Capital, Engagement Capital, and Network Capital. Every year, Capital-A intends to invest in 8-10 firms with ticket sizes ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. It will also participate in follow-on rounds.