Flipkart Receives Rs 2,839 Crores From Its Singapore Based Parent Ahead Of End Of Season Sales

SI TeamFlipkart India has received a fresh round of funds worth Rupees 2,839 Crores from its Singapore based parent investors. This is the third infusion of funds for Flipkart in this calendar year taking the total investment to Rupees 5,701 Crores. Earlier this year in January, the investment was around Rupees 1,431 Crores while in September the
company infused Rupees 1,616 Crores into its operations.

Flipkart purchases goods from local manufacturers and brands in India in bulk amounts and sells them to undisclosed partners and proffered sellers. Its intention is to put an end to regulatory pricing in the Indian marketplace, which was imposed back in February. The Government of India had restricted online marketplaces to own their sellers and prohibited them from controlling their inventories, back in December 2019.

The investments have come at the correct time as Flipkart is preparing for its end of the year season sales known by the name `Big Shopping Days'. In the previous such season sale of October festival season ­ both Amazon and Flipkart managed to achieve a combined sales of Rupees 31,000 Crores, with Flipkart accounting for 64 percent of their combined sales income even though Amazon fares higher in Net Promoter Score(NPR).