Josh Talks Raises $1.5M funding in Pre-Series A funding

Si TeamJosh Talks, an Indian media platform that teaches and guides the youth in eight different languages has been funded $1.5 M by New York-based fund MDIF in Pre-Series A funding. The funding has raised the startup company to over Rs 100 crore.

The company headquartered in Gurgaon and Haryana was founded by Supriya paul and Shobhit Banga in 2015. The company is planning to expand overseas by creating content in Vietnamese and mandarin.

The startup also has two other properties Josh Kosh an inclusive careerguidance platform, and josh Skills, which provides the low-income students and job seekers in India
with training and tools they need to get a job.

To conduct events, conferences, and workshops the company has a partnership with organizations like Facebook, ITC and ByteDance.

The company also includes Josh Skill app which records more than 1, 0000 app downloads and provides the youth with applicable material and adequate skill sets that will help them become employed in life.

By building tools and services, Josh Talks is making headway towards providing opportunities to the youth so they can do something with their life. In the next three years, the company is hoping to increase the number of vernacular language users by 550 million.

The company wants to provide more courses for the users and is focusing on building a good product technology to scale its fleet size. According to Josh talks the company is in the way to produce revenue of Rs 13.5 crore this financial year and aims to increase the growth in the next year.

The company is trying to highlight the issues on Indian households regarding low-income, job opportunities, acquiring skill sets and fulfill the aspirations of the youth of India. They are taking the initiative to create solutions that will be affordable and accessible to all.