KOZYNAP raises seed funding led by BeyondSeed Ventures

KOZYNAP, a startup based in Kolkata that specializes in tailor-made mattresses, has declared the accomplishment of its seed funding phase. The investment, whose specific sum remains undisclosed, was spearheaded by BeyondSeed Venture Solutions Pte. Ltd, an institutional investor situated in Singapore. Key contributors to this funding round consist of the founders of Indian unicorns and soonicorns, as well as a distinguished investment banker located in Dubai.

KOZYNAP specializes in crafting personalized mattresses tailored to individual needs, considering factors like orthopedic considerations, age, and body composition, ensuring optimal comfort and support for users. Kuldeep Mirani, Co-Founder and CEO of BeyondSeed, expressed confidence in KOZYNAP's unique consultation-driven approach to mattress sales, addressing a significant gap in the industry. Mirani highlighted the rarity of companies offering such tailored solutions and underscored the strength of KOZYNAP's founding team, comprising individuals with diverse skill sets and extensive experience.

The concept behind KOZYNAP's mattress brand originated during lockdown brainstorming sessions led by three experienced professionals, Rajesh Singhal, Chinmoy Mallick, and Sandeep Sanyal. The company stands out by offering the ease and cost advantages of online purchases while incorporating the tactile experience of offline transactions.

The funds secured from this investment round will be used to expand KOZYNAP's presence in metropolitan and Tier 1 cities, develop new product lines, strengthen IT infrastructure, and enhance the brand. Chinmoy Mallick, Co-founder and an alumnus of IIT-IIM with twenty years of experience in investment banking and strategic planning, emphasized the aim of delivering premium mattresses at significantly reduced prices through efficient production, inventory management, and logistics.

Kuldeep Mirani further discussed the evolving trends in India's mattress industry, observing a shift towards the organized sector. He noted a rising demand for quality and innovative products driven by increased awareness of the impact of sleep on health. Mirani highlighted a growing willingness among people to invest more in high-quality mattresses, given their personal and health-related significance.