Landeed raises $8.3 million in early funding from Bayhouse Capital and Draper Associates

A real estate technology firm called Landeed raising $8.3 million in seed money. This investment round included investors from Bayhouse Capital, Y Combinator, and Draper Associates. The 2022-born firm wants to use the seed money to get off the ground quickly. The money will be used to improve the technical infrastructure, support the current staff, and hire new employees.

The startup's goals include creating India's most thorough property title search engine and streamlining the due diligence process for real estate purchases. It promises to make it easier for all participants to a transaction to interact, communicate, and complete transactions.

According to Landeed, it streamlines the many search techniques used by different states into a simple and seamless experience. It gathers all the information needed by a landowner or buyer to confirm everything with a certain property is in order.

Landeed combines different state and federal government agencies to create a "plaid-like" property summary data. An individual can quickly and easily verify a property transaction ledger dating back 20 years using our tool. According to Sanjay Mandava, CEO and co-founder of Landeed, "to achieve this, we designed a common interface, simplifying the many search methods across states into a simple and fluid user experience.

According to Mandava, their distinctive selling point has contributed to their excellent revenue development. It received a pre-seed round of funding from nine Y Combinator alumni, Justin Hamilton (CEO of Clutterbot), Goodwater Capital, Olive Tree, Manmohan Chandolu, Chris Maurice (Yellow Card), Christian Kaczmarczyk (Third Prime VC), and Manmohan Chandolu.

VCs target startups in their early stages- Early-stage entrepreneurs have been able to raise money even during the fundraising winter. 12% more money poured into early-stage firms in 2022, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis (PwC). According to the research, titled Startup Deals Tracker-CY22, funding for Indian companies overall decreased by 33% in 2022 to $23.6 billion from $35.2 billion raised in 2021.

According to the research, venture capital (VC) investors' withdrawal and increased caution have had a general negative impact on funding activities. Investors throughout the world have $590 billion in dry powder since a sizable amount of money has been raised in the last few years.