Mental Helath Startup Now&Me raises $1 million from Saama Capital & Whiteboard Capital

Now&Me, a mental health startup based in Delhi, has raised $1 million in seed funding led by Saama Capital and Whiteboard Capital.

Through a free-to-use community platform, the startup is working on how people seek mental health support around the world. The funds will be used to expand the team, develop new products, and focus on community-building efforts.

The long-term goal of the startup is to make mental health a priority for everyone by providing solutions that make it easier to access and raise awareness.

Now&Me, a website where people can come and talk about their problems, feelings, mental health issues, and literally anything else that is on their mind or heart was founded in 2019 by Bani Singh and Drishti Gupta. Bani conceptualised the product and built the prototype. Nitesh Kumar Niranjan joined as a tech co-founder in 2020. In a press release issued by the company, the founders stated collectively:

"Mental health concerns affect almost 1 billion people globally. Tackling a problem as colossal as that required us to go where no one had ever even thought of going before. In fact, Now&Me has, and continues to be an instrumental solution to the rising mental health concerns, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic."

The startup functions as a support network where people can come and discuss their issues without fear of being judged. According to the statement, the platform serves as a safe space for users to take their first steps toward accepting and discussing their feelings.

The startup serves as a support network where people can come to talk about their problems without fear of being judged. The platform, according to the statement, serves as a safe space for users to take their first steps toward accepting and discussing their emotions.

Anshu Prasher, Whiteboard Capital, said, "Though the last year has brought a lot of attention to mental health issues, most of the conversation around mental health has been centred around specialist help or support groups which is typically a sign of serious underlying conditions."

He added, "At Now&Me, Drishti and Bani are working towards normalising peer group conversations around mental health at a much earlier stage by building a safe, open, and free community hopefully helping people share without any fear of being judged. We are excited to be a part of this mission to help reduce serious mental health issues and wish the team luck on their journey ahead."

On Now&Me, a user can express their emotions while remaining anonymous. It allows them to communicate with compassionate people from all over the world who have experienced similar difficulties.