SucSEED Innovation & Others leads Seed Investment Round for Edtech Virtual Community Platform EventBeep

SucSEED Innovation Fund, Uincept, Palimala Ventures, and other angel investors led an early-stage seed investment round for edtech virtual community platform EventBeep.

Eventbeep claims to be on a mission to transform the student ecosystem by levelling the playing field for youngsters and assisting them in realising their full potential through peer-to-peer learning.

The company is a next-generation virtual community platform that aims to help students as they navigate the ever-changing worlds of school and career during their college years.

Students can use the platform to get inspired, ask questions of experts, connect with students from other universities, exchange ideas, achieve recognition, and eventually receive support from individuals who share their interests and values.

Eventbeep also works closely with schools and universities to help them alter their campuses by creating intra-college communities, gamifying the college experience, and connecting students with other college students and campuses, according to the company.

EventBeep, a student community network founded by Saurabh Mangrulkar, Rakhi Pal, and Venkatesh Prasad, began with 5,000 users in March 2021 and has since grown to over 45,000 students in just three months, with 70% of its users coming through recommendations. The firm has received pre-orders from over 75 colleges and universities to bring the platform to their campuses. It is currently active on 10 college campuses.

Saurabh Mangrulkar, the Founder and CEO of EventBeep, said, “What differentiates a Tier-1 college student from others is the community, with access to top quality alumni, events, opportunities, and peers. Through EventBeep, we’re democratising this ecosystem for Tier II – III institutes, which accounts for 92 percent of Indian universities.”

He further added that “with the fresh infusion, the company plans to build the technology base and hire leaders across functions to build a quality learning ecosystem for students.”

“Before 2020, Indian universities and colleges were not allowed to offer more than 20 percent of the degree online, but recently we have seen a disruptive change in the way education is being delivered. EventBeep is currently operational in 10 college campuses, it has received pre-orders from over 75 colleges and universities for bringing the platform to their campuses. We believe that with the distinctive rise of e-learning and the world revolving around digitisation, technology paves the way for education by empowering students and creating limitless opportunities and making learning eventful. Our investment will further help to grow the technology base and to reach out to thousands of students helping them to reach their full potential.” Says, Lax Chepuri, Co-founder and Partner of SucSEED Indovation Fund.