Swiggy announces 4-day-work weeks in May for its Employees

Swiggy, the online food tech unicorn, has revealed that for the month of May 2021, it will operate on a four-day work week. Girish Menon, Swiggy's Head of HR, wrote in an internal email to employees dated May 1, 2021:

“As a mark of respect for the efforts and the month that May can be with the Covid cases escalating, we want to offer a four-day work week to all of you. Please decide the 4 days that each of you would work and utilize the extra day to take rest, take care of yourself, take care of your family and friends. As many of you are aware, we have put together a Covid task force and we can definitely do more with a more hands-on deck. Hence, if any of you would like to volunteer and actively help on the break day, you’re welcome.”

In the past few weeks, India’s top technology startups have rolled out a number of initiatives to help employees and their families cope with medical emergencies and financial upheaval.

Swiggy has also developed a pandemic support mechanism and an emergency support team, as well as the Swiggy shield app and an employee support hotline, to assist employees during this crisis.

Swiggy's network of associates, volunteers, and healthcare providers has a COVID-19 support system that allows workers to access hospital beds, ICUs, plasma, oxygen tanks, ambulance support, and other emergency services.

It also has a health app that gives staff access to consultations, research assistance at home and at laboratories, online doctor consultations and medical support, home isolation/quarantine treatment coverage, and reimbursements.

Swiggy has also introduced a hospitalization and vaccination plan for its staff and their families. Employees that are not COVID-19 positive but live with COVID-19 positive friends and family members would be qualified for self-quarantine, as well as grants, leave encashments, and pay advancements.

It has also given employees in Grades I to VI an early pay release for the month of May. In the email, Girish also said, "These employees will also receive a nutrition support cover if they and/or their family members test positive. After announcing vaccination cover for its delivery partners in March, Swiggy will also roll out similar Covid relief initiatives for them."

Swiggy was created in 2014 and is India's largest online food ordering and delivery platform that is headquartered in Bengaluru and operates in 100 Indian cities as of March 2019. Swiggy Stores, Swiggy's general product delivery service was launched in early 2019.