Tech Firms In This Indian City Raised $7.5Bn In VC Funding

No wonder why Bengaluru is called the Silicon Valley of India. Tech companies based out of the city have raised $7.5 billion in venture capitalist (VC) funding up from $5.2 billion in 2021, a report showed. Bengaluru, along with London, features among the top 10 cities globally for the most amount of VC investment over the last five years, according to the report from London & Partners in partnership with Dealroom.

Swiggy’s $700 million dollar funding round and Ather Energy’s $55.7 million are the major funding rounds for Bengaluru-based companies this year. The report mentions that Bengaluru is now attracting more investments than other global hubs such as Singapore, Paris, and Berlin.

“In the last few years, London and Bengaluru have created an increasing number of exciting immersive tech companies. This research proves that these cities are not only the top hubs in their regions for immersive companies but are also competitive on the global stage,” said Hemin Bharucha, Country Director at London & Partners.

Bengaluru and London are also two of the world’s leading hubs for VC investment into immersive tech startups, where Bengaluru ranked fourth in the world with $510 million raised in 2022, followed by London at fifth place.

For the Indian companies that are looking to grow their operation in Europe, “London’s strengths in the creative industries and gaming provides the expertise and talent needed to scale successfully”, Bharucha added.

In Europe, London is the leading hub for VC investment into immersive tech start-ups. The report highlights Europe as the fastest growing regions for immersive tech innovation, with startups having raised a record $1.4 billion in 2022 to date. Fuelled by the growth of AR, VR and Metaverse technologies, the report showed that immersive tech funding is bucking the trend for global start-up investment in 2022.