Zypp Electric & Venture Catalysts Partner for Logistics Innovation Challenge

Zypp Electric, EV Logistics Tech delivery start-up has contracted with India’s start-up incubator, Venture Catalysts to supporting funding to support blooming EV Start-ups. Under this partnership, Zypp Electric is conducting an innovative programme – Zypp EVolve – S1 – EV/Logistics Innovation Challenge with Venture Catalyst.

The company will support every start-up who has innovative ideas to enhance and expand the EVs and Logistics. Start-up will get $25k funding and a high chance to receive additional fund $200k from Venture Catalysts.

Under this partnership, the company is also planning to support all the upcoming start-ups working in different sections such as BMS, Drones, motors, Technology/AI/ML/IoT/Analytics, Electric Vehicles Manufacturing, Autonomous vehicles, Logistics EV services and maintenance, Batteries, Charging Infrastructure and Batteries.

Along with additional funding from Venture Catalysts, new and upcoming start-ups will get business expanding opportunities of with Zypp of orders around INR 5 crore. The company will also provide a chance to work at Zypp Electrics for prototyping at free of cost along with Incubation support. It will also provide mentorship from top industry and tech leaders.

Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Zypp Electric says, “We are very thrilled and excited to launch this drive for this innovative challenge for the EV & Logistics start-ups in association with Venture Catalysts. This drive is for every individual, company or budding start-up who has disruptive and innovative ideas. While we are doing so many things in building the right EV ecosystem at Zypp, this challenge is intended to further bolster our EV mission of sustainable world. We aim to revolutionize the EVs and Logistics industry together with younger talent. It will not only give recognition to these start-ups or individuals but will give them exposure and insights from industry leaders and also committed business and partnership opportunities of scaling with Zypp. They will get also get funding which will give them wings to fly in the initial years of their professional & start-up journey.”

Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, MD of Venture Catalysts says, “Venture Catalysts believes that start-ups relying on clean energy are going to be the next big thing and hence we support the EV economy. We are extremely bullish on Zypp, our portfolio start-up, which is already a leader in the EV segment. This initiative could be a great platform for younger teams, startups and individuals to get business and funding opportunities via Zypp and Venture Catalysts. Venture Catalysts continues to support Zypp Electric’s journey and looks to forge deeper partnerships into creating a complete EV ecosystem in the country.”