Ramesh Chaudhary,
Abhimanyu Sharma
Sarv, Rajasthan
Key Management :
Ramesh Chaudhary, Abhimanyu Sharma, Preeti Kaushik,
Shushil Mehla, Vivek Sharma
Milestones :
2011: Started as Email Service Provider with Team of 5
2013: Added Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcasting and More Team Members
2015: Cloud Telephony, Call Center, CRM Integration Joined Us
2017: Added Automations, Customised Solution, Autodialer, Smart Broadcasting
2019: AI and Data Science in the House with Team of 90+ Members
2020: Building Future of Tele-Communication with AI Unified Solutions

1. How did you come up with the idea for this company?

Sharing of information is the core belief of us. As the internet started to boom in India, the way of communication started to change by a lot. Our motive here was to keep the flow of information smoother and quicker as ever. This is where we had this idea to build Sarv as the medium to achieve this adaptable and strong communication medium. During the post-graduation, Ramesh Chaudhary and Abhimanyu Sharma founded Sarv and introduced it as an email marketing tool. With time they expanded its potential and turned it into an AI unified medium of cloud telephony services. This solution is customizable and flexible for every size of business and can be modified according to the requests from the business.

2. What was the hardest part in the early stages of the company’s growth?

In the starting, Sarv faced the problem of resources. It was hard for them to work under the limitation of the resources. It was almost like wrestling with one hand tied to the back. This may have made the journey thought but we didn’t stop because of this. We keep on building the Sarv and its products while keep on expanding our team with the people who share the same will and vision as theirs. The two main factors that kept us going on and on were ‘Never Say No’ and ‘Client Satisfaction’. These 2 helped Sarv go on for 9 long years and we are still walking this path with success curve going up.

3. In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?

  • Unified Communication
  • Automate and Segmentation
  • Call Centre
  • Lead Generations
  • CRM Integration
  • Cloud Telephony Addons
  • Customized Solutions
  • Call Solutions
  • Sarv Dot
Our targeted audience is all size of business who are willing to provide the best customer experience to their targets.

4. At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?

Solutions from most of our competitors are business oriented while ours is customer experience-oriented. Every business entity knows that in the market customer is the king. If you want your business to grow, your business needs to be focused on making the best customer experience with whatever resources business has. This gives us an extra edge over our competitors. Our solutions are filled with all the needful resources that help a business to create the right environment for its customers.

5. If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

At present we measure our success based on our assets and our assets are our employees, our happy customers, our on-premise setup of servers and software.

  1. We are a family of 92 employees
  2. We have 72000+ happy customers (
  3. We have our own-datacenter and that too based in India considering we have a large customer base in India. Because we are located in Telcos premises we are empowered to provide the best quality and customers can depend on us.
  4. Inhouse software created by our own development team.

  5. SARV Chart

    6. Where do you think your growth will be next year?

    The company is bootstrapped. All the funds that we require come from the return from the services and solutions we are providing to our clients. Currently, we are located in Jaipur and Delhi and our next Finance Milestones will be to open offices in other prime cities in India and after that, we view our brand to have a Global presence very soon.

    7. What’s your biggest threat?

    The final destination of this journey is getting past Google in all the terms possible. Sarv has also realized the full capability of a single amount of data irrespective of its size. Our team is building environments where these data nourish and will give the right fruit. In order to keep on walking this journey, we are upgrading and updating with the latest technology and standards. We are currently working on so many different in-house projects those in future will be integrated with each other to work in perfect synchronization. I hope you can understand that we can not reveal much right now.


    Sarv is a reliable and trusted company maintaining the industry standards since 2011. We are awarded as “Great User Experience 2017 Award” & “Rising Star 2016 ” by finances online.