AR &VR Revamping the Realm of the App Development

In recent days, the technologies Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are transforming the digital dynamics of app development industry in India. The immersive and interactive experiences of AR and VR technologies have opened-up new-fangled potential for application developers to create innovative applications that can enhance user-engagement and transform the business landscape of various industries.

According to Statista, the market size of AR &VR in India is expected to reach $300 billion by 2024. By the year 2027, the AR/VR market volume is projected to reach $1,078.0 million with growth rate of CAGR 14.63 percent during the forecast period 2023 to 2027. Similarly, the market of App development industry is estimated at $2,703.00 million in 2022 and the market size was expected to reach $4,858.00 million by 2027 with a growth rate of 12.35%. The numbers shows both the industries are upholding greater potential in the India marketplace.

With advancements in capabilities of hardware & software, AR and VR technologies have gained significant traction in the current digital era. The app development industry is constantly taking on various techniques to generate cutting-edge applications that cater to the current demands and desires of users. The technological amalgamation of AR and VR enables the App developers to overlay the digital content onto the realistic world by creating entirely virtual environments and provide users with a seamless mix of the physical and digital realms. This article offers an in-depth look on the role of AR/VR technologies in shaping the app development industry.

Impact of AR/VR on App Development in India:
The immersive and interactive experiences of AR and VR technologies are enhancing the user engagement and fulfillment through diverse applications in various industries such as gaming, education, healthcare, and retail. In India, industries like healthcare, real estate, education, and entertainment, are leveraging AR/VR to build applications that are perfectly tailored to their needs. For instance, the medical training simulations for Health care, Virtual tours for real estate and AR-based educational applications are showing the massive expertise of App developers which are revolutionizing the entire marketing and business landscape. The e-commerce companies in India are incorporating AR to facilitate consumers to virtually try products before their purchase, in that way reducing the unwanted returns and improve their shopping experience. Moreover, AR/VR technologies have being used comprehensively in the training modules, simulations & skill development programs across industries. Also the businesses which are powered by AR/VR apps are aiding them in creating ground-breaking advertising strategies by contributing to interactive and engaging content to attract the viewers. To understand deeply, we listed few best App development startups in India that uses AR/VR as one of prominent technologies to meet the current demands of businesses.

The Intellify: Based in Gujarat, the company The Intellify provides feature-rich and business oriented AR, VR solutions. To push the boun- daries of App development using immersive technologies, the company offers iOS App Development, Android App Development, Flu- tter Development, Swift Development, Kotlin Development, AR kit & AR Core Development services. Catering to the business needs of diverse verticals, they deliver high-end solu- tions for various in- dustries. To name few, they serve for e-commerce, Digital Marketing and Media, Manufacturing and Productions, Travel and Tourism, Education, Real Estate, Retail Industries and many others.

“Sharing the commitment to cater Businesses with ‘Creative and Immersive AR and VR Solutions’, to sustain and succeed in the Longer Run, is our ultimate objective.” –The Intellify Team, Gujarat.

VeeRuby Technologies: VeeRuby Technologies, an AR-VR startup established in 2019, redefining the reality with AR and VR through immersive practical solutions and creating un-paralleled experiences for users. They provide AR and VR applications for business to revolutionize their approach of product & services in the market. They serve for diverse industries including retail, real-estate, manufacturing and so on. For their excellence at work, they have been recognized and rewarded with awards, i.e. one of the 10 Best AR/VR Startups in 2021 by Silicon India, one of the 52 Most Innovative Seattle Based Virtual Reality Startups by Futurology.

Sapizon Technologies: Based in Karnataka, Sapizon Technologies is a booming AR/VR startup offering a medley of App development services using AR/VR technology. The com- pany provides immersive App development solutions that create unique, long-lasting and significant enhancements in their clients busi- nesses. They intrude customization in mobile App development to meet all the prominent business needs. Sapizon Techno- logies serve for industries including Health care, Education, Restaurant, Hospitality, Real estate, logistics, manufacturing and so on.

Awakeen Studio: Awakeen Studio is an emerging startup in AR/VR field established in 2019 with a talented team of keen designers and developers. They are creating immersive experience in App development services. The company covers the requirements in app development cycle by offering technical and artistic designs and solutions to take your business to the next level. They serve for numerous industries including Entertainment, Education, Medical, Automobile, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Banking, Manufacturing and many others.

“We are providing client services & creating awesome content in-house as well. As an AR/VR service provider, my objective is to be a part of my client’s achievement journey. Also, I am transforming Indian culture and values through emerging technologies”.
- Jatin Vaghela, Founder, Awakeen Studio.

Recent buzz in App Development using AR/VR Technologies:
More than a buzzing word in digital world, Metaverse is an extraordinary innovation of the tech-world. These Metaverse apps using AR/VR creates virtually engaged platforms and environments through incorporating the im- mersive augmented and virtual technologies. Already many brands and business have started to invest in Metaverse Apps as it allows the users to create own digital avatars in a virtual space and experience the real-time features. This trending niche app elevates the warranty against malicious cyber attacks for the respective brand’s App by providing advanced level of security on virtual platforms. To name a few, the successful companies such as Apple and Google, are constantly investing in Metaverse Apps to elevate the experiences of their users.

Similarly in real estate, developers and Architects are providing mobile applications for users to showcase the exact views of homes and properties, even before the construction. Hence the consumers can make informed decisions on their purchase. Apps integrated with AR and VR allows the users to get the 3D views of the homes. It is a like you are taking the car from showroom for test-drive before purchase. Real estate Apps like RealAR and Vera, allows the user to reconstruct the buildings through virtual platforms with 3-dimensional visualization. These Apps acts as a one-stop solution for commercial and residential developers and operators.

In conclusion, the perfect blending of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in apps is revolutionizing the entire landscape of app development in India, ushering to generate new opportunities and possibilities to the industry. Without any resistance this innovative combination brings forth innovative solutions across diverse sectors. The adaptability of technology and prospective to renovate the user experiences have unlocked the doors for developers and sows the golden seeds for a promising future of app development. As the technology continues to progress, the role of AR/VR is carving the future of app development in India which will spread out with more practical applications with potential outcomes.