Funding Report Q2 2024: Startups are Igniting Success for a Bright Future


The Indian startup ecosystem is a vast network of young and talented entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, business tycoons, incubators, venture capitalist, and more. Our country India has witnessed a significant and staggering growth during the first quarter of 2024. The market report says that, India’s GDP has attained 8.2%. From the previous estimates of GDP, it was witnessed that, the GDP was ranging between 7.6% to 7.8%.

Indian startups are characterized by diverse dynamism and the young visionaries who are driving this are talented and accomplished. The startups are not only focusing on few specific industries but they are increasingly penetrating in different sectors of economy.

With the advent of technology, more new layers of industries are coming front in which talented startups are actively taking part to uplift these newly launched concepts and they are improving and improvising these technologies.

Few of the astounding technologies are healthtech, edtech, fintech, e-commerce, and logistics, which have already contributed a lot for the world. Startups are actively taking part in developing numerous methods to address the challenges in the path of India’s development, such as pollution, poverty, education, and healthcare.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” –Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple

In recent years, there have been several notable funding rounds and exits in the Indian startup ecosystem, indicating robust investor confidence and potential for future growth.

Funding Fusion of Indian Startups

India has seen significant growth in startup funding, with increasing interest from both domestic and international investors. The ecosystem has matured, leading to larger funding rounds and higher valuations for successful startups.

The funding session of the Indian startups commenced with a positive note in the first quarter of 2024, they have attracted a significant amount of $1billion in monthly funding, whereas it was below $500 million in the previous year. During the month of April 2024, startups crossed $1 billion threshold after grabbing couple of pre-IPO funding, a few late-stage rounds and debt deals.

According to the report of Tracxn, tech based Indian startups have raised nearly 4.1 billion funding with a strong growth of 4% from $3.96 billion of previous year. Currently, India is ranked 4th highest funded country in global stage and it has successfully surpassed China in the first half of 2023.

“Despite four consecutive half-year periods of declining funding since H1 2022, we are now showing signs of stabilization and an upward trend. India’s robust performance as the fourth-highest-funded country in the tech startup ecosystem is encouraging. From emerging developments in retail and enterprise applications to pioneering advancements in financial technology (fintech), Indian startups are transforming industries and driving econonmic growth”, - Neha Singh, Co-Founder of Tracxn.

Month Wise Funding Scenario

Aggressive April

During April 2024, Indian startups scooped up nearly $1 billion from 124 successful funding deals. Total 36 growth stage deals were signed worth $813 million, and 65 early-stage deals amounting to $225.75 million.

With a strong leadership of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, startups were introduced with a new event called 'Startup Mahakumbh'. It was a synergic union of startups, investors, and capitalists where the startups got immense strength and guidance as well as they attracted funding. In that event, the managing director Peak XV Partners, Rajan Anandan depicted that Indian Startups are expected to lift up $8 billion to $12 billion this year.

In this month healthtech platform Pharmeasy has successfully managed to attract three digits. The platform absorbs $216 million pre-IPO round, another fintech firm Northern Arc raised $80 million in Series C. Electric bike maker Ola Electric has raised $50 million from their IPO.

GenAI based startup Neysa hoisted $20 million, spacetech company Dhruva space got $15 million and edtech platform Emversity received $11 million.

As per city segmentation of funding, Bengaluru topped the list with 42 deals, contributing around 26% of the overall funding in April, followed by Delhi-NCR with 30 and Mumbai with 26 deals.

E-commerce startups cracked the maximum number of funding deals followed by fintech, healthtech, SaaS, EV, automotive tech, and foodtech.