Hyderabad's Strategic Rise as the Hub of Tech Startups

Hyderabad, the city known for its food and culture has carved a savvy identity for itself over the past five years. The city of Nizams has a lot more to offer other than the usual biryanis, pearls and Charminar as the affable city has gained national and international repute as a coveted destination for young startups and rightly so.Earlier known for its IT prowess, Hyderabad has gradually become a haven for startups.

For a few years before the state’s bifurcation into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, these was a period of lull. However, with the formation of the new state and a stable government came in a new vigor which transformed the city into a coveted destination for enterprising entrepreneurs, investors and incubators alike.

The city found itself among the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems Ranking in 2020 and Startup Genome evaluated about 300 ecosystems globally. Having been home to tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Deloitte and Amazon, the city has successfully tapped the underserved domains like deep tech and utilize it to their advantage.

With big companies selecting Hyderabad as the city of choice when it comes to settingup their local campuses, Hyderabad’s ecosystem has been providing a good deal flow for investors along with a chance to interact with more offbeat and innovative start-ups, ensuring a profitable market for funders, investors and startups alike. According to reports Hyderabad is home to over 4000 active startups.

Leveraging its strengths in domains such as life sciences, AI, big data and analytics, Telangana as a state has created $759 million in ecosystem value with $65 million in total early-stage funding over the last 2.5 years.

A major factor behind Hyderabad’s rise as a startup hub has been the state government’s push towards fostering an incubation hub. In 2015, the government had launched T-Hub, an initiative between the government of Telangana, the private sector and India’s leading academic institutions. One of the biggest incubators in the country, T-Hub is spread over 70,000 sqft and currently houses over 200 startups.

Owing to its unique PPP model it has been key in terms of motivating entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life. Additionally, the city has over 35 incubators across various verticals such as ICRISAT, CCMB, IIIT to name a few. The mentoring and guidance rendered by these incubators has catapulted Hyderabad into becoming one of the strongest upcoming cities for start-ups.

Additionally, availability of abundant tech talent, working spaces at low costs, amiable climate, cosmopolitan culture, economical living, apt infrastructure and new recreation options, Hyderabad has become the land of opportunity for young entrepreneurs.

But, more than anything it is the zeal and vigor palpable across the city that makes it a coveted spot for enterprising entrepreneurs. The city and its startup eco-system will displays in the yeats to come, the city.