Intercity Trucking & Product Mobility to Revive Country’s Economy

Team StartupcityAt present, shuttling has become bounded and harder owing to the state, district boundary seals and lockdown. The government is working on many options to make the prerequisites reach people. The mode of making this possible and delivering bulks to shops, grocery stores and retailers has become strenuous.

In a country like India where diversity is muddled in every nook & corner, the requirements & likes are also diversified. In order to reduce the problems in regards with mobility and logistics of products that are necessary the intercity trucking is also becoming an absolute necessity.

The trucking & logistics in an umbrella term includes a wide variety services such as food, groceries, cosmetics, apparel, footwear, agri-yield from farmers, and any product that meets the demand of commoners. India, with a population of more than 1.3 billion at the covid times have witnessed a sudden burst in the market needs but lack of supply in India.

Covering intercity logistics expenses is a good enough reason to achieve good customer base coupled by latest technology feeding the shipment tracking. Generally, included under this delivery space can range from parcels to compact package carriers that functions as a safety net between the consumers
and delivery executives.With the advent of such tech-savvy services, Research says that people are inclined to settle for premiums which provide Last Mile delivery favours at better rates and speedy recoveries such as instant or same-day deliveries.

At times, such facilities can invite challenges that can be termed as risky and complex. For example, breaking through traffic or heavy showers can cause a delay in the expected service or immediately increase the cost of Last Mile delivery & Trucking services. Research says that people are inclined to settle for premiums which provide Last Mile delivery favours at better rates and speedy recoveries such as instant or same-day deliveries, Infact these services are reviving the countries economy.

Therefore adequate solutions have been discovered to make this sequence of delivery efficient and systematic, which are as follows Hands-on training provided by Logistics service providers, to their delivery executives who deal with delivery services.Easy Vehicle leasing and insurance policies. Drones and Robots can help in delivery too, but not quiet advanced for present day.

With the growing Logistics market, start-ups can finally venture into this space, keeping in mind the few guidelines controlling this market Analyzing and evaluating customer satisfaction through one-stop tech-enabled delivery solutions. Active Live-order tracking systems. Categorizing delivery distances into hyperlocal delivery, same-day delivery and next-day delivery. Allowing door-step payments, and so much more.

In other words, while these Last Mile delivery companies like Dunzo, Amazon and Ekart continues to gain momentum, budding entrepreneurs and investors are planning to enter this span with their ideas and monetary assets, in a hope to start their own businesses and remain at par with the big players in the market.

India is experiencing worst times with daily wage workers and middle-class population. Ofcouse for daily needs they are bound to out. To avoid this, and follow rules to eradicate Corona Virus, innovative products and adequate marketing strategies will come a long way for online retail stores competing against each other for the logistics and movement of products. This is also deeply reviving the country.