Tech startups that have managed to grow despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Survival of businesses especially small businesses and start ups have been put at stake due to Covid-19 crisis. There has been an unprecedented growth in employee layoffs, salary cuts and shut down of hiring pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic hit across the globe. The economy has been slowed down hit miserably and there is financial crunches in every business. Start-ups which are said to be the worst affected have brought changes in their investment pattern and the overall functioning. While some are finding new ways to fund their business, others are are looking to move on with new business opportunities. Interestingly, some of the start-ups are growing well despite the present market adversities. They are on a growth trajectory and setting examples for others to combat with the crisis.
A new 2020 survey conducted in February reveals that many Indian start-ups had prioritized growth over profitability, but that could change due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has infected thousands and impacted businesses worldwide. Here adding few best-growing start-ups for your reference. Here is a list of some best-growing start-ups.

MultiLiving Technologies
MultiLiving Technologies is a unique platform-based business that leverages Technology, Services and Brand to unlock enhanced rental value in the extremely large residential real estate asset class by creating a rental housing ecosystem through technology, enriching the lives of both tenants & owners in their respective value chains. The company continues to grow with no layoffs and salary cuts and has honoured all the offers given.

Techno Companion
Techno Companion, a blend of best-in-class technology and expert management, is one of India's newest and most promising IT startups. Headquartered in Gurugram, the company provides state of the art and cutting-edge IT services to entrepreneurs and enterprises, creating the perfect customized and tailored tech-solution for every unique challenge. During this lockdown, the company has maintained its growth trajectory. The company has not lost any of their clients and has not done any salary cuts, apart from this company is looking for more resources with specialized skills.

It is India's biggest Sports Community Platform that is personalizing sports content and giving a voice to millions of fans across sports and gaming. Rooter engages fans with User Generated Live Audio and Video content over different sports and offers a personalized sports feed consisting of videos, images, polls, and scorecards in 10 Indian languages covering Cricket, Football, and multiple other sports.

At a time when all sporting activities have come to a halt across the globe, Indian sports community platform Rooter has managed to raise $1.7 million (around Rs 12.8 crore) in pre-series A round. The funding round was led by Paytm and also included Adidas Family backed fund leAD Sports, Rockstud Capital, and Founder Bank Capital, an early stage arm of RB Investments.

Paytm First Games
Paytm First Games is the country's leading gaming destination for people who love games, contests, trivia. It gives 360-degree gaming experience that is inclusive of all genres. It has registered over 5 million app downloads during the ongoing lockdown. The gaming app has become a popular option for stay-at-home entertainment and with its games like Ludo and Rummy registering 4x to 5x growth. Paytm First Games has more than half a million daily active gamers on the platform, spending anywhere between 32 to 45 minutes playing more than 100+ games.

Khabri is India's first and fastest-growing digital audio platform providing content in the regional language. It is the first pureplay audio platform to discover, listen and create audio content in an Indian vernacular. In this current scenario where many corporates are doing cost-cutting, Khabri India is sponsoring many Skills Enhancement courses for brushing up skills of their employees. Apart from that, the company has not done any salary cuts during this whole lockdown.

CloudConnect Communications
CloudConnect Communications, India's first end-to-end cloud and mobile app-based PBX and digital unified communication service. The company has seen 100 per cent growth in their business as they provide remote working solutions and lockdown is all about working from home. They are growing faster than before as people are using more of their solutions to stay relevant.