The Emerging IoT Trends

Aparna RoyThe term Internet of things, framed by Kevin Ashton is a present day reality. In today's world almost everything is connected to the internet and it's the world of internet. It appears that life without the internet remains stagnant. Everything is so much related and dependent on the internet that without it our day to day activities get severely affected.

We have witnessed the uprising of the internet, initially in the fields of technology or technical related works and later in other spheres. Basically with the establishment of technology or international trade and business, the usage of internet kept increasing rapidly. With the introduction of the concept of e-commerce, it became mandatory for every nation to initiate or increase the usage of the internet. This was done to do away or avoid any sort of mishandling or confusion regarding the trade and commerce taking place between the nations. And of course with digitization taking a major shape world-wide internet has became an essential part of life. Moreover with the help of the internet things are done quickly, appropriately and without any lengthy process which included maintaining records or files. Everything is done in a fraction of seconds thus simplifying and reducing human labor as well.
With passing years new developments took place and so apart from the computers other devices such as mobile phones, ATM, swapping machine were invented with advanced software that supported the internet. Seeing the intensity and importance of the internet in people's life, initiatives were taking to make things simpler and make internet more handy. So now not only organizations but even households are connected to the internet.

Today by using the internet everything appears at our doorsteps, right from food, cabs, and commodities to business deal, everything can be obtained over the internet. If we take up a survey now, we will find that sixty out of hundred people are using the internet to connect to people through various social media applications or use various websites depending on their needs and requirements and get whatever they want.

But using the internet is not as simple as it appears, it does not just involve a device and connection. It is an entire process which involves data surfing, network and satellite operations. So every time a person surfs the internet he tends to share a certain number of data and technical information from one end to the other. A simple message sent also contains some encrypted or encoded information.

Thus it appears that internet of things is more than just using electronic devices and internet. It has a wider connotation altogether. It defines or talks about a world that is connected with each other by means of an invisible medium and a place where every single activity possesses or contains certain information. It will not be wrong to say that every human in this digital world is a storehouse of data and information. Perhaps it can also be said that not only devices but humans too are now associated with the concept of internet of things.

However, we live in a world of internet and technology which has been fascinating us with its new developments and calibers. And we do look forward to get enthralled by Science and Technology in the upcoming years.