Top 10 Food Startups of India

Moving out of the horizons, the landscape of food startups in India is undergoing a massive shift. These food startups are truly passionate and coming up with innovative approaches to cater the never-ending huger of humans. From providing wholesome healthy foods to promoting the marginal farmers to get uplift livelihood, these food startups are being instrumental to the whole industry. There are many startups establishing their market presence strongly and making their own benchmark in the industry through their remarkable products & services. In that we listed you a Top 10 Food startups serving exceptional services in the industry which are best choices to tranquilize your food cravings.

1. Swadhika Foods:
A rapidly growing food startup based in Chennai providing persevered food with Nature's taste in its true state of health. They offer premium quality frozen foods such as frozen fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, dehydrated fruits and frozen ready-to-eat cooked foods. They are positioning their standards high by following International guidelines which aligns with modern research & development. They are certainly standing out in the competition by delivering the food products which are free from preservatives & synthetic colors. Some of their popular food products are frozen cut coconut, lady’s finger, cauliflower, onions, garlic, frozen cut papaya, pomegranate and so on.

”Increasing numbers of working women, nuclear families and health conscious groups has resulted in high demand for ready-to-eat foods and related products.” - Akshay Bector, Chairman & MD of Cremica Foods

2. Food Cloud:
Making the Healthy food affordable & accessible to everyone, the food startup committed to serve food for people that is safe to consume. They ensure that their food items are made by home cooks & they are 100% registered with FSSAI. They are delivering Home-made foods, Snacks, Condiments with Gift Hampers across the nation. They also taking order from corporate events by providing great home-made food with timely delivery and neatly packed. They allow people to pre-order their food, so that the home-cooks can buy fresh ingredients & prepare food with it. Once order confirmed, we get the meal-packed containers right at our doorstep. Here the only thing we need to do is, just heat, eat and enjoy.

"The Indian consumer is evolving as is their demand for more niche regional flavoured, Ready-to-Eat meals that are packed in a clean, green manner. If all these factors can be fulfilled by the industry, we should be prepared to witness a huge, growing demand potential." - Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods

3. God's Own Food Solutions:
This food startup initiative works under the name of They are looking to streamline the global market of Indian Jack fruit. Based on the research & engineering development, the startup automated the processing of large jack fruits & developed their patented product namely ‘Jack fruit flour’ made from fresh green jack fruits which is great & healthier alternative to replace the rice, maida, wheat batter or flour for making rotis, idlis and other foods. They created massive impact & clinically proved that the gluten-free natural plant-based food controls the blood glucose level & minimizes the chemo-toxicity in the blood. This startup has awarded as Best National Food Startup Award of 2020 by Startup India.

Travelling made ourselves to get immerse in diverse explorations & enjoyments. But expecting good food while we travel is hard. This ingenious food startup allows you to pre-order your hygienic & tasty food with handy menu & get delivery at your finger tips. All you need to do is fix the boarding & destination point to get the home-made food on road while travelling. Even their services are available for bus travels as they are authorized partners of India's largest transport corporation UPSRTC. Their prominent food packs serving on road are All-in-one-meals, curry varieties, Biriyani, Dessert fusion box and so on. They offer us to get any meal @99 on our first order.

5. KIWI Kisan Window:
An inventive startup initiative that works on the objective of providing best sensory food experiences to all the humans. They delivering best natural foods collected from our dedicated farmers across the India. Their range of food products includes organic fruits, Whole Spices, Organic Rice varieties, extra virgin oils and so on. These health and wellness startup closely works with farmer communities & associations to promote the organic foods. KIWI Kisan Window contributing to pollution-free & eco-friendly utilization of natural sources by striving into organic farming for their products. Some of their prominent products are Organic Whole Cashews, Organic Fruits, Whole Spices and Saffron.

The envisioned evolution Food startups are easing the access of wholesome food to everyone in India in affordable price

6. Seaspire:
Holding Passion for Food innovation, the startup satisfies our sea-food cravings by providing plant-based alternatives for sea-foods with incredible flavors. They make us wonder by offering most delicate sea food products which is 0 percent fish & completely plant-based. These food products are made using extraordinary ingredients such as rice protein, peas, extracts of algae and plant fiber. No matter that you are a strict follower of vegetarian food or meat lover, these sustainable sea-food alternatives definitely spice up your culinary explorations. The top trendy products in Seaspire menu are Fish-less Fingers, Gill-t Free Mince and Oh-so-fishy Burger Patty.

“We are two Food Scientists on a mission to create accessible alternatives to seafood that taste just like the good-ol’-thing. We're all about bringing the wave of fun back into your diet”. - Shantanu Dhangar & Varun Gadodia, Co-Founders

7. InnerChef: Bringing home-made and good food from many hands to many hands is touchwood, and that is the theme of InnerChef. They offer healthy and diet-friendly collection of detox foods such as soups, smoothies, salads and juices through mobile app. They deliver delicious dessert items made by talented home bakers and selected restaurants. The fresh and all-good food items are delivered at doorstep with stunning packaging. The top picks from InnerChef are detoxify cleanses, healthy desserts and freshly prepared cold coffee.

“We are dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier lives, one sip at a time. We are committed to creating a community of health-conscious people who recognize the value of giving their bodies the best possible nutrition” - Veekas Doshi, Founder, CocoHigh.

8. Tandurust:

Focusing on Healthy Living & Healthy Eating, this innovative food platform provides quality food for people concentrated on fitness & wellness. This innovative food startup catering the needs of healthy eaters in Bangalore by providing nutrition & calories counted fresh meals. They deliver food based on subscription model; users can opt for weekly or monthly meal plans according to their preferences & fitness goals. They offer various range of nutrition-rich food items such as Veg-parathas, Peas, Healthy sandwiches, Broccoli salad, Oats upma & many other dishes for breakfast, lunch and snacks, which are utterly delicious and perfect for people who needs to work long hours sitting in one place.

9. Anveshan: Assured to offer wholesome good food for people, this startup provides you chemical and preservative-free super foods which are straight from the farms. They process the foods minimally with traditional methods preached by our ancestors by ensuring the no-loss of natural nutrients and flavors. If you are a person looking for transparent & trustworthy food partner, then Anveshan Group is for you. Because they provide the foods which are prepared by farming families from local communities. The top collections from their catalogue are Desi Hallikar cow ghee, wooden cold-pressed mustard oil, Kashmiri Mongra saffron and Wild Forest Honey.

10. Puchkaman: A QSR chain food startup promoting the true taste of street food throughout the world. They serve the different varieties such as Pani Puri, Golgappa, Chaats, Paav bhaji and many other varieties of Indian street foods. Under single umbrella, the startup serves global as well as regional street foods. Without compromising the safety & hygiene, they catalyze the hunger for mouthwatering gulps with bursting flavors. This startup promotes & supports the individuals to start their branch stores across the nation. Their franchises are located in different labels such as Cafe Outlet, Kiosk Outlet, and Mall counter and so on.

"Professionalizing leads to good advocacy. The food safety department is thinking over opening facilitation centres for registering street food vendors." - K J R Burman, Food Safety Commissioner

The ingenious Food startups are transforming our views on food. Regardless bringing the food to your hands, these startups discover innovative ways & techniques to make your dining experiences more dazzling and sizzling. The rise of online platform has being a boon to these startups to take their ideologies and concepts on foods in every corner of the nation, nevertheless the geographical barriers. Apart from the above mentioned startups, there are numerous startups are evolving in this industry with great culinary & full-fledged business skills to meet the various demands of foodies. As the fastest-growing industry, there is no doubt that the landscape of food startups is going to flourish the Indian market as well as international market with their unique offerings.