Top 5 Women Investors restructuring the India's Startup Investment Hub


We all know, Gender equity in financial norms is always an unfinished business, but the intense of this statement is shifting slowly. Today, here & now women are holding their own wallets & lending capital to others to pursue their ideas & dreams. India’s innovative startup ecosystem is unfolding a new chapter of narration routed by powerful courage & luminance of Women Venture Capitalists, who are not just breaking the barriers but building new frontiers. And this transformation of women in investments is not filled with bed of roses at all; they navigated all the hurdles & shackles with their restless pursuit of intellectuality, good education & willpower to push the boundaries. From making their financial goals by creating new bank accounts for savings to marking their footprints in the investment game & crafting their own financial decisions to back the budding ventures, women are bumped into a wave of revolution on single gender tale.

So, here I will display you Top Women Venture Capitalists (Investors) in India -2024, who are winding the chains of Indian Investment ground & pouring the positive drizzles on the overall participation levels of women investors in India.

Anisha Singh – Founder, She Capital

Holding a belief to assist next generation of women-owned businesses to maximize the potential, Anisha established She capital to provide venture funds & empower women entrepreneurs. She capital, a venture fund led by Anisha specializes on investing in startups led by women & businesses with more women on board. The mission of her venture is to foster diversity in the startup landscape & uplift the women-centric startups financially by investing on vibrant entrepreneurs. Through She capital, Anisha offers mentorship to make the venture to achieve success & reach its utmost potential, a sturdy financial support to ignite growth, generate powerful networking & collaborating opportunities with respective sectors. Witnessed by her expertise and eager to foster the women entrepreneurship via venture funds, Anisha has been mentioned in few books which are, Super Women, Inspiring stories of 20 Women Entrepreneurs and Dare to Be: 14 Fearless Women Who Gave Wings to Their Dreams.

Funding Details

She capital led by Anisha Singh holds 12 companies in its portfolio. The company has invested in startups like Clovia, Nova Nova & YatriKart. Recently, in January 2024, She capital participated in the pre-series A funding round of Baker's Dozen, in which the company raised Rs. 33 crore funding.