Top Online Food Outlets

By Aparna RoyOnline food delivery services have beefed up in the recent years. The increase in the use of smartphones and internet has structured a favourable space for food providers and consumers. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity and established online food delivery platforms. Here we bring you a list of some leading online food outlets that are treating the appetite of the entire population:

1. Faasos:
Faasos is popular for being available in the late hours. It is among the few online outlets that serve many sharp-set stomachs at midnight in more than a 100 locations through the country.
It offers all sorts of lip smacking dishes and desserts including Chinese, Indian, South India, North India and others. Its has received good response and support from people so far which has kept it motivated to deliver tasty nosh at any hour.

2. FreshMenu:
Health has been a major concern for people these days. They are intending to keep a check on the quality and wholesomeness of the food they consume. Ordering food online or offline can be a very inconvenient task for such people. Hence to relieve people from this dilemma FreshMenu was formed which has broken the perception of healthy food being and bland. Thus it has been delivery fresh and delicious meals in less than 45 minutes.

3. Biryani By Kilo:
The word biryani brings in huge smile on the face of every food loving soul. Biryani By Kilo is adding more happiness to this joy by concocting and delivering some of the authentic cuisine such as Lucknow, Hyderabadi, and Kolkata.

However these are just are few establishments to name whereas there a hundreds of them in the ecosystem who are preparing and delivering some appetizing nosh.