Ways to Contrive and Empower Women Entrepreneurs

By Aparna RoyIt is a very fortunate thing that in this present world entrepreneurship is not gender bias as the gates to the opportune space is open to both men and women. This is, in fact, one of the biggest step taken towards uplifting the stature of women who were regarded physically as well as psychologically inferior to their counterparts and were subjected to many social and religious stigmas. Although with the various initiative taken by the government, NGOs and people to aggrandize female entrepreneurs yet they certain reinforcement is required in the various plan of actions to completely magnify their position in the country.

Apart from the various proposed actions, there are other few strategies which if wielded and followed dedicatedly will strengthen the power and position of the women entrepreneurs. Some of these are listed below:

• The first and the foremost thing to be done are to modify the education facilities. Finer schemes and programmes, classes, counselling and training related to management skills, business, and Ways to Contrive and Empower Women Entrepreneurs
• Institutions that provide financial help or support to aspiring women must be multiplied. Commercial and economic support5 should be given to both large and small entrepreneurs. This will boost ease the monetary worries of the aspiring minds.

• A Women Entrepreneur’s Guidance Cell must be initiated to cater to the various issues and need of the women. Leaving basic as well as major issues unattended or ignored is likely to kill positivity and belief in them.

• As mentioned, the government has taken significant measure for the upliftment of the women entrepreneurs. But, it has to make sure that these schemes and programmes are being followed and delivered appropriately. However, the government needs to introduce more such schemes and programmes.

• Many women will not be aware of the facilities that are available to them. So awareness about these must be delivered to them. This will make them familiar with the entrepreneurial concepts, scopes, characteristics etc.

• Skill development classes are must to have. Many women might not know how exactly to utilize their talents. Polishing their skills will enhance their ability which automatically will give them direction towards making new ventures.

• Last but not least is the guidance extended to women entrepreneurs to help them in setting up their businesses. A mentor will administer the business idea in the rich direction which will reduce the risk of failures and provide moral and Psychological support and courage to them.

Hence, a little support and supervision can help entrepreneurs combat any ups and downs coming their way and shape their vision into reality.