The Top 3 Essentials for Saving & Budgeting: Start Today!

By Amit Raja Naik Warren Buffett once said 'Don’t save what is left after spending: spend what is left after saving.'

It is all about how you manage your assets effectively. Today, the generation relies on instant gratification, and there is no self-control over how they spend their money? The season-end sale, the billion dollar sale, the big-big billion dollar sale, offers, offers-everywhere! Customers are easily manipulated or lured by these proposals. If the same trend continues in the coming days, there is no doubt of begetting, hefty-baggage of debt.

Henceforth, save first and then spend what’s left on your bills. If you’ve calculated correctly of how much income and expenses you have and the amount you should be able to save, things will work out smooth for you.

Here are some of the suggestions for you to start ‘Saving’ before you start 'Spending.'

• Always use Direct: If you have already invested in regular, switch to direct. You will save about 1 percent per year on this, which will compound over 10 years making a huge difference.

Always remember, the more you save the more financially independent you become

• Save Majority in Financial Assets: In India, several people have a majority of their investments in physical assets such as real estate or gold. Some even have excessive allocations to FDs. That is good. But, having a right mix of equity, debt and real estate in your portfolio will make it super-easy for you to stay risk-free.

• Save as much as you can: Always remember, the more you save the more financially independent you become. If invested wisely, you will be surprised to see all your dreams come true. The dreams which were limited by finances will finally become a reality.

The dreams are what start-ups are built on. If you think money is not important, sorry to break your bubble. Money is everything and you got to start saving or get ready to become a puppet, where your ideas get shunned!