Charge Infra: Making Aspirations a Reality in Construction Via Technology & Design

 Vivek Narayan Naidu,   Founder & Chairman

Vivek Narayan Naidu

Founder & Chairman

Construction projects involve multiple people and firm apart from the physical entity that is the new building and this complicates the procedure more than it needs to. Turnkey solutions are designed to provide hassle-free process, from design to construction, and hence, alleviates the burden and risk of trying to complete a massive project inhouse and also provides expert opinion from professionals.

Charge Infra was established in 2020 with a mission to make Infrastructure Easy! to provide organized work to a very scattered industry of construction and infrastructure. Charge Infra is an infrastructure turnkey company that offers services ranging from construction, architecture, and interior designing to Project Management Consulting (PMC). It has its Headquarters at HSR-Bengaluru and Branch Offices at Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore and Pune. The organization provides services to schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, commercial offices, pubs, retail stores, and restaurants, in that, it provides turnkey solutions starting from designing a project, attaining licenses and civil construction, interior fitments, and more, and finally hands-on at the project to handle large scale enterprises.

Focused On Comprehensive Solutions
Charge Infra considers coordination and execution as the most difficult aspect of the construction since it involves hundreds of individuals from a vast array of industry, agencies, and consulting firms. The company needs to collaborate with different agencies like architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, unskilled and skilled labour force and consulting firms, and more, to provide hassle-free solutions, and Charge Infra provides an end-to-end solution to the activity of execution within set cost and set timelines.
Charge Infra is different from other competitors in the market because it provides a one-stop shop for architectural and civil construction works, interior design, and execution in large-scale commercial and large-scale residential projects. The organization ensures this with the help of its seasoned team members and a robust process-oriented system in its place, who bring to the table 20 years of experience handling various large-scale projects, from various verticals of industries.

Charge Infra envisions to continue growing organically with the aim to deliver projects within timelines at the set cost

It also has more than 90 employees, at least 100+ subcontractors, and around 1000 labour force to ensure smooth functioning and timely project completion. The Founder and Chairman, Vivek Narayan Naidu set up Charge Infra with a vision to make infrastructure easy by delivering construction on time via one point of contact in handling end to end construction related activities and adding expertise in business, strategy, architecture, and interior design to the team. Coming from the corporate world as a product manager with a little experience in architecture "I had a difficult time initially at personal, professional, and financial levels, because of COVID-19 but I am grateful for the tremendous growth the company has set in a short span of time and would like to express my gratitude to my wife, my brother and my two best friends for always believing in me and supporting me" adds Vivek.

Future Roadmap
Charge Infra envisions to continue growing organically with the aim to deliver projects within timelines at the set cost. The company has surpassed a market share worth 100 crores rupees in just three years and looks forward to achieving the target of 160 crores in 2023. It also aims to deliver services in Tier-2 cities, since these cities lack quality contractors and have a goal to increase its full time employees from 90 to 200 in the coming years. Apart from this, the organization will have a strong emphasis on taking up SEZ Zone, Warehousing, tech parks, and central government projects in the future such as roads, dams, and metro constructions which are worth millions of dollars and expand its reach by setting up offices in Dubai, Singapore, and the USA.