Creative Mud: Taking 360-Approach to Help in Elevating Brands to New Heights

Amit Bharti, Founder &, Anoop Das, Co-Founder

Amit Bharti, Founder &

Anoop Das, Co-Founder

Creative advertising boosts commercial efforts and helps firms reach the right audience and convert prospects into paying customers. By embracing the power of imagination and originality as the key driving force to thrive amidst the ever evolving landscape of modern day advertising competition, Creative Mud, pioneering marketing, and creative agency are delivering exceptional results by pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. The firm is led by Amit Bharti, a visionary from the business and fashion industries, Anoop Das, an accomplished industry veteran with 15 to 18 years of experience working with top agencies and corporations, and BD head Ritik Ralhan. Founded in 2017, with offices in Delhi and Mumbai, Creative Mud is committed to research and analysis to identify and engage the perfect target audience for the client’s brand or business, utilizing its broad knowledge of the digital arena and marketing.

“Our out-of-the-box thinking supports the motto 'WE SHAPE YOUR BRAND' and thrives to overcome creative stagnation and deliver innovative solutions that exceed client's expectations. The diverse brands we have worked with, including Bonn, Dabur, Adani Group, Trade India, Maxima, Ananda, and many newcomers to the Indian market, has further strengthened our ability to deliver high quality end-to-end creative advertising services”, says Amit Bharti, Founder, Creative Mud.

Flagship Offering
Just as a skilled potter shapes clay into magnificent forms, Creative Mud expertise

can construct brands to new heights. The range of services including SEO, content marketing, strategic planning, website design and development, and captivating video/ film advertisements, enables the company to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to client's specific requirements. The firm's greatest strength is the conception and production of captivating video content that captures the soul of the brand and resonates with the target audience. The fact that truly sets Creative Mud apart is its passionate and creative team who are dedicated to smashing the box altogether and constantly pushing them to break new ground and explore uncharted territories in the digital realm, creating bespoke solutions. Two words encapsulate Creative Mud's USP - innovation and customization.

Two words encapsulate Creative Mud's USP - innovation & customization

“In today's fast-paced environment, businesses must respond swiftly and decisively while considering the clients budget.By taking a comprehensive marketing approach, we can deliver a seamless and integrated service that ensures brand consistency across all platforms and touchpoints", explains Anoop Das, Co-Founder, Creative Mud. More over, some case studies that depict the effectiveness of Creative Mud services are concept based ideas and CSR activities for brands like Trade India and Shalimar Paints. Services like social media marketing, website development, and video ad creations for lifestyle & clothing brands to increase awareness and loyalty. Video Marketing, jingle creation, and radio sports for FMCG Brands like Bonn and Rajdhani to develop visually stunning and emotionally engaging video campaigns that connected with the brand's target audience, leading to increased sales and market share.

In addition, Creative Mud has designed an exciting initiative Mud Talk to share ideas and insights that help brands discover new opportunities and reach their full potential. It shares marketing and creative services expertise as its practical ideas help firms succeed in a competitive market. This dynamic platform encourages conversation and collaboration.

Ultimately, Creative Mud delivers an impeccable end user experience by leveraging technology and tools to ensure clients campaigns and initiatives are executed seamlessly and deliver the desired results. The firm is using advanced analytical tools to track user behavior and engagement, optimize campaigns in realtime and maximize ROI. Creative Mud aims to push the boundaries of marketing and creative services to help clients achieve goals. “We are constantly exploring mediums, formats, and distribution channels to take our capabilities and streamline our processes to metro cities like Mumbai,and Bengaluru", signs off, Ritik Ralhan.