Enstin Labs: Developing end-to-end Power Conversion Products

 Thiagarajan Venkatachalam, Co Founder,  Milind Dighrasker, Co Founder
Thiagarajan Venkatachalam
Co Founder

It was still the early days of “Make In India”, when Thiagarajan Venkatachalam (Raj) had just decided to retire after a successful stint as the Director of Global Technology Center for Home and Business Network Solutions at Schneider Electric, supporting a USD of several hundred million business operation across the globe. An extremely curious Milind Digrasker, who was leading Electrical Design as part of Raj’s team, inquired about Raj’s future plans. The curious inquisitiveness led to lengthy discussions about abundance of opportunities opening up for business in the field of Power Conversion and a business model took shape.

They thought instead of creating a product based startup that is limited to a few products why not fully explore their technical expertise and exposure in large MNCs by offering complete manufacturable and sale able product development to customers. “We knew this would minimize the import of such products from China and Taiwan and that no such technical/business model exists in this field where they transfer the complete design and manufacturing documents for customers. With intensive research, we zeroed in upon forming Enstin Labs,” says Raj.

The Vision
Enstin Labs has taken roots with primary focus on Green Tech segments such as Solar/ Wind Power Conversion and Power Converters for Electric Vehicles(EV)/ Electric Mobility
applications. “The business model is well received by our customers. Besides, we enable companies who import and integrate these products to own the design and manufacture them in India– thereby aligning our country’s focus in Make in India,” he says.

"The focus of Enstin Labs is primarily on green tech segments like Solar wind power conversion and power converters for electric mobility applications"

While most of the Indian industries depend on China/Taiwan for the import of Power Conversion equipment such as Solar Inverters, Onboard Chargers for Electric Vehicles, UPS, Enstin Labs is formed with the vision to become one of the global leaders in Power Electronics by adopting the relevant current technology by establishing the state-of-the-art lab infrastructure and developing design resources to develop products for India as well as the global market. “We aim to become the one stop solution for our customers for all the applications of Power Electronics and deliver the best in class design service for Power Conversion, IoT & Embedded Products keeping the customer at the centre and caring most about Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response (QCDR),” Raj asserts.

The Silver Lining
Leveraging the experience of its experts with large multinational clients to deliver end to end Power conversion products development, Enstin Labs stands out in the crowd traditionally full of players who offer expertise in silos. With exponential growth in demand, the team at Enstin Labs has quickly risen to the challenge with 30+ engineers well-versed in Power converter circuits, magnetics, Digital control Firmware, Communication Firmware, Mechanical, Thermal, Component Engineering and Project Management. This has enabled a firm grasp on the current technology and an ability to stay abreast with the latest industry trends. “We have associated with
highly qualified veterans to risk mitigate designs, lead design reviews and to mentor the fresh engineers from campus. We drive across the organization a culture of transparency, respect for each other, process-oriented thinking and the data-based decision making,” Raj mentions proudly.

Milind Dighrasker, Co Founder

The Journey
Having commenced the journey in a true “Make In India” spirit with just one client from Madhya Pradesh in India, Enstin Labs today takes pride in striking client roster which comprises some of the biggest names in the global industry including Fortune-500 companies and other multinational enterprises. The company also expanded its reach to Europe and other international growth markets completing several marquee projects of varying complexities. “We have also entered into a strategic alliance with a large EMS company based in Mysore to provide design support for their ODM business,” adds Raj.

Exciting Path Ahead
Looking ahead, Enstin Labs is already working and harnessing capabilities on some of the contemporary and cutting edge next-generation technologies to bring innovative products and technology enabled solutions into the market. “We have built our strong network in the US thanks to our working experience in large MNCs. We have recently entered into a strategic partner-ship with a UK based organization, Ismosys,” Raj concludes. The Green Tech future is definitely well within the reach of Enstin Labs.