FuelBuddy: Ensuring Safe & Efficient Fuel Delivery at Your Doorstep

Neeraj Gupta,   CEODiesel demand in India is expected to double to 163 MT by 2029-30, with diesel and gasoline covering 58% of India’s oil demand by 2045. This surge in the demand has created a space for new entrants in the fuel market and FuelBuddy is one such player that has come up with a revolutionary idea of doorstep delivery of fuel. FuelBuddy is an online platform for safe, reliable, and efficient fuel supply at the doorstep. The platform also offers monitoring services that help frame budgetary control and audit their fuel consumption.

The FuelBuddy Smart Tanks are engineered for the best customer convenience and efficiency to eliminate costs and avoid any pilferage. FuelBuddy delivers to 30000+ customers and 75 cities with new cities being added every month without any adulteration and pilferage involved. At the same time, the FuelBuddy Tanks offer smart monitoring for every drop consumed.

The FuelBuddy storage can is one of the best alternatives to the traditional drums that would further lead to adulteration and theft. “It is the hands-on solution for storing fuel for your power equipment or emergency preparedness. The high quality can makes filling your machinery or generator easy, in addition to providing a safe, leak proof container for storage or transporting” says Neeraj Gupta, CEO. Neeraj is MBA in Finance
and comes with 20 years of experience, working with top organizations like Ford India, Nissan Group, Barclays, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors in Sales, Marketing, Sales Finance, Auto Insurance, Channel, Relationship & Network Management.

Bridging Industry Gaps
Doorstep fuel delivery is a relatively newer concept. The industry did not even exist 3 years back as the concept lacked enough research, resources, and government approvals in place. It was only in the recent past when the industry started gearing up and there was reduced friction among the suppliers and the consumers to reduce the existing gaps. FuelBuddy observed this demand and supply gap in the market and dedicated itself to crucial research that would help flourish without limitations.

FuelBuddy’s smart fuel storage, monitoring, and dispensing solution are designed accordingly to the market requirement and customer feedback

After exploring the idea, it took a while to chalk a pathway that had certain milestones and obstacles in the way. The primary of them was to spread awareness about the concept and reach out to the OMCs. The next stage was to obtain the necessary licensing from the Ministry of Petroleum for the go. The good part was that there were no setbacks in the industry due to competition as there weren’t as many players. FuelBuddy set its foot in the industry as a new entrant and with a 100 percent buyout of MyPetrolPump, it is now the largest fish in the tank, i.e. the leading player for fuel supply at the doorstep.

Future Plan
FuelBuddy’s DoTs(Diesel on Tap) are technologically enhanced and automated storage tanks, fitted with a digital dispensing system for safe and hassle-free dispensing.

The enhanced solutions offered by FuelBuddy are well-known in the market for their durability, ease, and top of all Safety. FuelBuddy has successfully managed to bag some of the big names like Sifi, Coca Cola, Big Basket, Mahindra, Flipkart, Pepsi Varun Beverages, Bisleri, Amazon, BlinkIt and many more that have contributed to its progression.

The plan for FuelBuddy is to dedicate itself to the product side to cater better. To channel its growth, FuelBuddy plans to register its presence in all geographies and later delve into the EV & CNG market and explore new capabilities.