Infyiot Solutions: Providing Tailored IoT Solutions for Industrial Automation

Dheepan Chakravarthi M,  Founder & CEOThe Internet of Things (IoT) industry is rapidly expanding, and startups are leading the way by creating innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, automation, and customer experiences. These startups utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and edge computing to create intelligent and secure IoT systems. INFYIOT SOLUTIONS is a technology company that provides innovative Internet of Things(IoT) solutions to businesses across various industries. With a team of experienced professionals, INFYIOT offers end-to-end IoT solutions, including consulting, development, deployment and maintenance.

Industries today face complex challenges in managing their operations, especially in the post-COVID economic landscape. The need of the hour is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to help them stay ahead of the curve. INFYIOT SOLUTIONS is designed to provide just that by bringing together a range of IoT solutions that enable realtime data monitoring and analysis, ultimately lead¬ing to better decision-making. INFYIOT’s solutions are tailored to specific industry requirements, and it works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and offer the best solution. INFYIOT SOLUTIONS was born from the vision of its Founder Dheepan Chakravarthi M, who, after over 17 years of experience in partnering with global OEMs, had a passion for innovation. With core values of excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction, INFYIOT aims to empower businesses to harness the full potential of data driven insights through seamless data connectivity and exchange across diverse systems and devices, driving sustainable growth for clients. “At INFYIOT, we strive to unlock new opportunities for
success by delivering next generation IoT solutions", says Dheepan Chakravarthi M, Founder & CEO.

Empowering Industries with Reliable IoT Solutions
INFYIOT provides a range of IoT solutions that cater to various industries, and one of the key offerings is the ISENZR IIoT gateway device. ISENZR is capable to connect and collect data from any field device and sensor to assimilate information like pH level, temperature, pressure, and flow and the possibilities are endless. This gives stakeholders a more comprehensive overview of critical parameters on their dashboards. The ISENZR device addresses the gaps between periodic data collection sessions, making data analysis more efficient and time-saving. “With hierarchical data movement and minimal reliance on human intervention, the ISENZR device provides a reliable and robust solution for real time data monitoring and analysis in industrial applications", says Dheepan.

INFYIOT is committed to providing innovative & reliable IoT solutions along with their own edge devices that meet the unique needs of its clients

INFYIOT’s unique selling proposition is its proprietary hardware that allows for highly customized and tailored solutions for each client in transforming traditional factories into Smart factories. The firm’s IoT solutions offer high uptime of 99 percent, configurable thresholds for each parameter, and user-friendly dashboards that integrate with asset handling and mappings. The company ensures data security with MQTT with encryption and provides fail safe modes to tackle downtime. The SMS and email alerts enable timely notifications of any deviations in the system. The team at INFYIOT is responsible for these differentiating factors, as the team’s expertise in IoT technologies allows the company to develop innovative and reliable solutions for clients.

INFYIOT SOLUTIONS aims to establish itself as a global leader in the Automation industry while expanding its portfolio by exploring new strategies, innovative techniques, and cutting edge solutions. The company will strive to work with pioneers across various sectors, including Oil and Gas, Process Industry and more to provide customized solutions that meet their unique needs.