Kanishka Software: Transforming Present & Future Together

What started as a niche consultancy firm in 2014, a trust-worthy partner to SMEs, Kanishka Consultancy was known to offer agility in its service delivery, reduce time to market and provide better visibility to all its clients. Furthermore, the company used to specialize in offering (Business Process Management) BPM which encompasses key features like workflow management, process automation, digitized asset/process management.

As time progressed, in 2017, the company evolved itself into a full-fledged product development company called Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd. (KSOFTPL), which works closely around developing products and technology related to business process, purpose, and people. The company works with clients in Real Estate, Facility Management, Food Industry, and Manufacturing amongst others, to help them make informed decisions, quickly and in real-time. Most importantly, it now delivers both; Business & Technology process management, which incorporates business plan, technology strategy designing & development and data analytics.

“At present, a majority of the companies are approaching multiple vendors for various business activities, and that is affecting the productivity and efficiency of the business, to a large extent,” mentions Snehal Desle Umbarkar, Director, KSOFTPL. She further adds, “A single platform for multiple solutions can change everything here. We are just doing that.”
Snehal Desle Umbarkar & Vinay Vikram Singh,Directors

Snehal Desle Umbarkar, Director

Bringing this transformation into the business ecosystem for today, and tomorrow, KSOFTPL takes great pride in its work, where it has developed a series of game-changing products that is said to revolutionize the way business functions. Some of its core products include Foodiisoft (Restaurant/ Food Order Management System), Qualus (Facility Management System), REALUS (Real Estate/ Construction Management System), Perfecto (Employee Performance Indicator Platform), Actif (Asset Management System) and many more.

Mobility and Analytics: A Winning

Specialized in developing mobile applications, data analytics, IoT, ML, and AI, the company leverages in the latest technology with its consulting experience to provide a value add, and customized solutions to its clients that are result oriented. “Organizations use multiple applications and tools across various business functions, be it Operations, HR, Accounting or Finance. So the benefits of single window catering to all the departments will have a drastic impact in terms of delivering quality results and reliable-output,” says Vinay Vikram Singh, Director , KSOFTPL.
Paving a path toward innovation, efficiency, and productivity, KSOFTPL at present offers end-to-end IoT solutions and products to its clients, and brings in complete transparency into the system through its technology implementation, thereby providing real-time reporting analysis that is said to take the business to the next level.

The Future Looks Bright!

Sailing against the wind, the journey of creating such disruptive platforms is always challenging for KSOFTPL, but evolving with times and helping clients adapt to digital transformation, changed everything for them. “The clients that we have served during our initial days are still with us, till this day” states Snehal, cheerfully. Giving more importance to building client relationship, KSOFTPL, currently has worked with 30+ clients in India and abroad.

Growing 35-40 percent YoY, the company is at an expansion phase, where it is building geography and domain-agnostic products that are said to fit clients need and requirements on the go. More than anything, with a team of seasoned technology and business professionals, KSOFTPL is set to provide the best-fit solutions to its customers, thereby helping them maximize RoI for each technology implemented, and help them achieve impeccable-results.

Vinay concluding on a positive note says “The way we are heading, we are building a transparent platform that will not only solve the business problems of today, but will serve the future requirement, effortlessly.”