K.P. Infomedia: Giving Wings to Businesses with Creative Solutions

 Abhinav Awasthi,  DirectorThe power of omnichannel advertising is that it covers the customer's attention on as many platforms as possible. Significant factors driving this market's growth are indepth knowledge, proper research, an analytical report, and a customized approach. One of the rising names in the creativity, branding, and advertising solutions business, K.P. Infomedia aims to have a 360-degree approach to advertising solutions for clients.

K.P.Infomedia is an startup & was established in 2016 to provide unheard and professional public relations (PR) services in border towns like Kanpur & Lucknow. The company created history when it came up with India's first concept of combining on-screen and offscreen cinema branding. It recently demonstrated its worth by introducing the concept of an LED flange display for customers for the first time in the Indian Railway's history. "Out of the league, out of the box, and consistent performance that can benefit our client's businesses through our ideas motivated K.P.Infomedia”, says Abhinav Awasthi, Director, K.P. Infomedia.

Innovating Concept in Railway Advertising
For the first time in the history of Indian Railway advertising, we introduced the LED flange display in platforms and concourse areas. LED Flange is one of the best and most affordable media for all clients. It is a highly visible and attention grabbing advertising inventory. Not only do LED flanges exist, K.P. Infomedia also introduced passenger sitting sheds for Lucknow and Ayodhya stations. Advertisements through LED screens, Train information boards and
Coach Indication boards are added to the list of innovative media solutions. Now we have sole rights for media inventories at Varanasi, Prayagraj, Ayodhya, Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra & Jhansi Railway Stations.

Digital Media Marketing
K.P. Infomedia follows the concept of LoBal(Local to Global) that works for local brands to make them Local to Global. The company has the specialization in advance digital media marketing tools & techniques. Expertise in SEO, SEM, SMO Web development, email marketing, and influencer marketing on channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube with exceptional graphics, creative posts, and videos.

When it combines unique thinking & creativity, magic happens, which leads to putting a smile on its clients' faces

Outdoor Inventories
It also offers the best outdoor marketing services with its exclusive properties in form of cantilevers and gantries. The company operates over 250 sites in Kanpur and also provides billboard and Unipole services in upcountry and other cities.

Creative Services: Ideation, Creation & Execution
K.P. Infomedia's USP is to think out of the box for client solutions, giving it an edge to compete and succeed. When it combines unique thinking and creativity, magic happens, which leads to putting a smile on its clients' faces. KP Infomedia specializes in the ideation, creation, implementation and execution of client's thoughts. It provides complete marketing communication strategies through graphics, photography, illustrations, artwork, and print ready files.

It has worked for local, national, and international clients and proved that tier 2 cities business also have the caliber to perform globally. K.P. Infomedia has also collaborated with Bollywood celebrities for brand endorsement for different clients. Customized brand & corporate logos and packaging designs are the forte of its business. "K.P. Infomedia's strategies include indepth research, industry knowledge, creative solutions, and thorough media understanding to achieve qualitative results", says Abhinav.

Its clientele includes LIC, SBI, Maruti, JK Cement, Jindal Steels, Patanjali, Canara Bank, Punjab & Sindh Bank, Ashok Masale, Mayur Group, and Banarsi Mishthan Bhandar. The company is proficient in multi dimensional marketing solutions and highly trained in administrative tasks. K.P. Infomedia is excited to transform its sole proprietorship firm into Company Private Ltd very soon. It also strives to become an independent advertising company that can lead clients to the next level of advertising.