Ludo Sikandar: Most Trusted Platform for Online Ludo Players

Y. T. Mahendra,CEOBy 2025, the global market for fantasy sports is predicted to reach over 38 billion dollars at a CAGR of 14.7%. The Global Gaming Industry will be valued at over US$ 220 billion by the end of 2022, and over US$ 580 billion by 2030. Ludo as a game, in particular, the number of downloads has already surpassed US$1.5 billion, with over 70 % of those downloads coming from India alone, which is enormous. Through its forced shutdown, Covid-19 also fostered the growth of other enterprises. Work-from-home laws allowed many to indulge in additional leisure activities at home. One of them spent their free time playing fantasy sports. Different companies have jumped into this field to take advantage of the market scenario. Ludo Sikandar is one of the leading companies in this sector established in 2019 in Jaipur. It is committed to providing realtime play and prizes directly convertible to the bank accounts.

The inspiration to enter fantasy sports industry originally surfaced in 2019, when the firm observed that Ludo, in particular, was becoming increasingly popular throughout India and wanted to design a platform where users could use their gaming prowess to earn real money that could be withdrawn into a bank account or user's digital wallet as a reward. It was originally a roller coaster for the firm, but after weighing the advantages and cons, it chose a team with knowledge in that field. The firm held several meetings
while the project was in progress to incorporate end-user features and functionality to make sure it includes the elements that users are searching for. It always looks for customers' feedback and are ready to update its version and interest.

The firm makes it possible for consumers to enjoy the following game modes while keeping in mind their preferences and the value they place on their time

Ludo Sikandar is a Skill-Gaming Platform that makes it easy for players to participate in Ludo competitions. It offer free gameplay, player vs. computer 2 and 4-player modes. Local Multiplayer: 2, 3, and 4 players, Real Money Game Play, Private Play, and Random Online Multiplayer, among other things. For Real Money Games, they adhere to all Indian State Laws. It has a KYC system to avoid financial fraud and provide clear and transparent data on user transactions. In the event of a dispute, cheating, or abuse, users can instantly report it and the firm will take action.

The company was the brainchild of two young minds having experience and a deep skill set in this field. Ludo Sikandar's team has a hands-on practice in the gaming industry as a result of undertaking R&D in the sector and staying current with rising technologies and features. Instead of viewing similar organizations as adversaries or competitors, they view them as sources of inspiration and keep a close eye on implementation. This aids in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various options. The team has a strong enthusiasm for gaming and goes above and above to get things done correctly.All have diverse backgrounds in product management, strategy, development, architecture, user interface design, and so on. The company started with a small team and now has 20+ members. Ludo Sikandar Platform has 7.5 million users. People love playing games, and their loyalty motivates them and their team to offer essential features.

Future roadmap
According to the results of previous surveys and research on the market, the company is already putting a lot of effort into improving the gaming user experience and architecture to make the platform stand out. While the company will not be able to disclose the components and features, but the management has guaranteed the public that by the end of 2022 they are aiming to raise the size of their community by roughly 32–37 percent.