Mudra Home: Finance for Everyone!

Gaurav Gaur, Atul Pareek, Akhil Jain, Somvendra Kelwa & Sachin Chandna ,Founders is a result of the founders' collective experiences garnered from the diverse verticals present in the vast financial industry.

The five founders Gaurav Gaur, Atul Pareek, Akhil Jain, Somvendra Kelwa & Sachin Chandna encountered similar problems while working with the leading banking institutions like Citi group, ICICI, Axis Bank, IIFL, India Bulls, NDB Dubai. During their tenure, they identified a problem that opting a loan was not only a tedious process for an end user but at the same time, the users were unaware of the intricacies and pros & cons related to it such as whom to approach, how to raise loans, what would be their loan eligibilities & more. Moreover, as the market was highly unorganized it lacked transparency, regulatory frameworks & did not possess a proper platform that could guide the finance customers to meet their customized loan product requirements.

Thus, foreseeing the pertaining challenges, the founders decided to emerge in the financial service space to educate people, empower literacy & provide the best output through an institutionalized platform. “We saw a huge gap that existed in the financial space though the industry was growing at a rapid pace. Thus, with the core idea to integrate all the banks
together and give convenience options to pick and choose, we decided to consolidate the long loan process & acquire the space,” speaks Gaurav Gaur, Founder,

New Delhi headquartered Mudra Home Inc believes in ‘customer first’ and envisions to make ‘Financial Literacy’ exclusive for all

Excellent & Exemplary Product Offerings

Observing the changing scenario whereby government’s keen focus on financial inclusion, banks & NBFCs changing their lending policies for an affordable housing scheme & emphasizing on entrepreneurship development, Mudra Home embarked on the journey with the slogan ‘Finance for Everyone’. As one of country’s leading online financial services Distribution Company, it offers varied loans such as home loan, home loan balance transfer, Loan against property, business loans & personal loans from various banks. Trying to make the loan process simpler with its unique algorithm, Gaurav explains, “Our Loan eligibility algorithm does the entire calculations, it gives the maximum loan eligibility with a very high accuracy that too from multiple financial institutions on a click of a mouse. In fact, one can also compare& apply loans online basis the most suited loan eligibility through various banks & NBFC with a detailed overview of different loans types & applicable charges.” The company has also integrated a credit bureau on its portal to empower the customers on understanding their present credit scores & their past credit history.
The company has developed a unique concept for people living on rent & aspires to have their own house. We have designed an algorithm which converts rent to EMI and creates an opportunity to calculate the loan eligibility, states Gaurav. “In order to achieve our dream to build a platform for “Finance for Everyone” beside our business model of financial product distributions. We have developed our in-house financial product by the name of “Selfie-Cash” - ‘A Loan as Personal as a Selfie” focused on small businessman & lower income salaried employees to meet their unforeseen expenses,” states Gaurav.

Transpires to Grow Rapidly

Mudra Home designs and negotiates the best deals which further breaks into EMIs, Interest Rates and assures complete data security. With its a 360-degree view, it renders to create a world-class financial products distribution platform. The company strives to be an admired financial services advisor, trusted partner, and provider of innovative solutions for growing and protecting wealth.

New Delhi headquartered Mudra Home believes in ‘finance for Everyone’ & envisions to make ‘Financial Literacy’ exclusive for all. Led by a team of 21 people, the company has marked its presence across Delhi NCR, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh with business tie-ups with over 27 banks & NBFCs. In the first half of the financial year 2017-18 it has disbursed around INR 600 million loans & generated revenue of INR 60.12Lacs. “We are planning to expand in Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana & Gujarat & venture into the online distribution of credit cards & insurance with anticipating a growth over INR 100 lacs in revenue by the end of FY 2017-18. With our recently launched In-house loan product “Selfie-Cash” we are anticipating an additional revenue of 30lacs by mid of FY 2018-19,” concludes Gaurav.