Sanohub Technologies: Extending Affordable Healthcare to the Needy

   Kesava Ram Dasu,      COO & Director

Kesava Ram Dasu

COO & Director

Modern technology has helped scientists and manufacturers develop products that help human beings lead better lives. Innovative medicines and procedures have extended the lifespan of people, but they do not necessarily lead a healthy life. Quality healthcare comes at a cost. Providing holistic healthcare to vulnerable sections such as the senior citizens, is beyond the reach of the healthcare system due to the insufficiency of infrastructure as the traditional Healthcare is confined to four walls of a hospital and not delivered at the convenience of the patients. Hassle-free, affordable, and personalized healthcare systems can be of great assistance in reducing the burden, both on the government and the healthcare system. The contribution of Sanohub Technologies, in resolving this issue, is significant.

Established in 2016, and headquartered in Bengaluru, Sanohub Technologies has developed an IoT-based, digital healthcare platform, enabling better and continuous healthcare delivery to a larger population and with greater ease. Janakiraman S, Vinod P Deshmukh, Sridhar Perepa and Kesava Ram Dasu are the Founders of the company.

Christened “VitaCuro” the platform acts as a bridge between the patients and the healthcare personnel. Sanohub’s VitaCuro is a full scale, cloud-based, IoT technology platform, with a Data Analytics engine, and can support several devices and platforms. It is equipped with a video calling and in-app secure messaging facility and can be deployed across multiple end use

applications. VitaCuro offers three products, or lines of service Remote Care, Digital Diagnostics, and E-consult.

VitaCuro’s remote patient care management helps patients remain in continuous communication with the healthcare staff with their health records being stored in a secure cloud. The features of this application are online appointment management, consultations, and payment integration. It facilitates uploading and storing medical records and comes with zero installation costs. The application addresses issues related to post-hospital care, elderly care, chronic care, and home healthcare.

The Digital Diagnostics solution works with the help of connected devices for Point of Care diagnostics. Built-in sensors provide information on several health related parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood glucose, SpO2, Auscultation and ECG obtained from Bluetooth connected devices. VitaCuro platform can be utilized for conducting periodic health checks. The application also assists phlebotomists in the collection of Wet samples for laboratory investigations. The application permits doctors to hold teleconsultations with patients. The application simplifies the health check workflow.

VitaCuro’s E-Consult solution helps healthcare providers publish and manage their professional profiles online. It also helps in scheduling and managing appointments, providing virtual consultations, issuing prescriptions, and collecting payments.

Remote monitoring proved to be a boon during the pandemic. The platform has made healthcare management in remote areas easier.Remote monitoring has reduced the pressure on hospitals and the monetaryburden on patients.

Sanohub A Professionally Managed Company
Sanohub Technologies is managed by a team of highly experienced professionals. Sanohub’s platform has been utilized by more than 30 healthcare providers and 200 doctors. Over 10000 healthcare records are held on the platforms .

Sanohub has won the Elevate 2018 – a Karnataka Government Startup Award, for its innovation in enabling to digital healthcare services. The company has been recognized as one of the 25 fastest growing Healthcare startups in Indiaby Startup City. Sanohub won the Healthcare IT Startup(runner up)award at the Healthcare Product Summit(HCPS)2020. The company was one of the semi-finalists at the Ayushman Bharat-PM JAY Startup Grand Challenge.

The pandemic led to greater acceptance of digital healthcare and telemedicine. Digital healthcare has a bright future, both in India and abroad. Sanohub plans to continue investing in technologies to improve its products and services. The company plans to partner with like minded organizations to provide improved services to the needy.