Southern Infra: Shaping & Building the World through Integrity Commitment & Values

Civil Construction is defined as a branch of Civil engineering that is involved with the maintenance and development of both natural and physically built environments. From massive bridges for transportation to dams and multi storeyed buildings, it truly shapes the world around us. This industry helps humans get where they want to be in addition to what they need. Civil construction companies do more than just build structures. They often handle natural and existing resources like water reservoirs, mountain ridges, and more. in addition to other areas that interface with man made structures. These companies perform many tasks like planning, creation, and maintenance of public infrastructure adhering to the guidelines created by government and local bodies, creating infrastructure plans by studying, investigating, and evaluating the land and building sites, and forming liaisons with government and other clients. Civil construction projects can now be done at a quicker pace, with the new technology and increased productivity.

Southern infra is a turnkey Civil construction company based out of Bangalore. It was established in 2014 with a vision to create sustainable civil engineering solutions, to modern-day problems, driven by technology and sustained by values that support a conducive business environment. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company incubated under enterprise schemes of the Indian government and empanelled under Indian central and state government infrastructure agencies. It consists of a group of professionals who are passionate about the ever-growing construction sector and adaptive to modern technology and project management. Southern Infra has managed to expand its business in Karnataka by executing turnkey civil contracts for government, industrial and residential projects and has created a place for itself in the market with highquality, sustainable creations, timely delivery, and competitive prices, within a short period of time.

“Southern Infra offers an array of services including construction, topographical and traffic surveys, and project management consultancy. It has a network of excellent architect firms for designing- needs and ensures mandatory compliance with all rules and regulations, including maintenance of contract agreements, labour, and security insurance” shares Debali Bakshi, Parnter, Southern infra. By using effective methodologies for delivering traffic data, the organization has vast experience in suggesting load works and decongesting traffic, and pedestrian movement. It also offers services in construction project management by working closely with clients to make sure the projects start and end on time. For every project, a detailed activity bar chart, workflow sequence, and time frame are prepared and a remedial measure is also put into place to control activities that are behind schedule. Apart from this, site teams follow a checklist for the internal quality of various tasks like ducting, piping and equipment installation, and more.
“What makes Southern Infra different from other civil construction companies is its exemplary service that goes beyond conventional practices in the industry, to attain economic superiority and customers' trust” shares Mahadeb Dutta, Partner, Southern infra. Southern Infra leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction and is transparent and ethical in building relationships with clients. It also undertakes development projects through joint ventures and complies with labour laws by adhering to The Building and Other Constructions Workers (Regulations of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 of Safety. Safety first is the motto at construction sites and to ensure there are no accidents at the sites during work, one safety officer is located at each site. It also provides protection to the employees through Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation, and Work Man Compensation.

What makes Southern Infra different from other civil construction companies is its exemplary service that goes beyond conventional practices in the industry, to attain economic superiority and customers' trust

Southern Infra has a huge clientele base, like Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Projects, Karnataka Housing Board, HAL, Bangalore University, Ayurveda College, Karnataka Public Works Department, and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, to name a few. With the right mix of technical, operational, execution, and management teams at the site which comprises senior engineers, site supervisors, stores incharge, accountants, and civil and centring foremen, the team at Southern Infra is well-equipped with all the modern methodologies required for civil construction. It also has a well-organized planning department to ensure the smooth progress of work, an engineering department that is capable of executing challenging engineering projects, and labourers who are well-trained to execute all kinds of civil work. It is because of this, that the company has managed to execute and timely deliver many projects like Government ITI Skilling Institute and hostel buildings at Davengere district, Karnataka automated mills, silos, and food processing plants for India Food Park, a flagship company of Future Groups, and BMS Hospital and Government AYUSH Hospital.
  Arvind Chenjeri,    Partner
Future Roadmap
Civil construction is one of the evergreen fields, globally and as long as humans live, the demand for building roads, houses, dams, bridges, and canals are going to exist. Since change is inevitable with the advance in technology, Southern Infra is always reinventing itself to stay up to date on the newest change in the industry. The company always keeps itself updated and works tirelessly to ensure customer happiness and believes in creating sustainable constructions with the highest standards of quality and integrity while always optimizing time and customer budget. It endeavours to deliver construction projects within pre-decided budgets and over ten million square feet of up-market urban space in the commercial and residential sectors on a continuous basis, in the future. “With sharp attention to detail, Southern Infra aims to bring professionalism to each and every project it undertakes. The organization envisions becoming one of the most respected, sought after, and authentic construction, engineering, and project management companies, not just in India but globally” concludes Arvind Chenjeri, Partner, Southern infra.