Startflying Solution: One-Stop-Destination for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Shahid Zamal,MD & CEO

Shahid Zamal


Drone technology has played a big role in multiple industries in recent years and drones today have the power to propel a nation’s economy to different heights. As the regulations on airspace management are relaxed and rounded a lot nowadays, different avenues of investments are now open and India can fly into new growth and open new markets by using these UAVs. Contributing in this area, Startflying Solution is an innovative Robotics company offering a wide variety of services with Autonomous delivery Robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It offers drone sales and services of delivery systems with unmanned aerial vehicles, AI drones for defense, flying taxis for future transportation, agriculture drones for pesticides, educational and toy drones for students. It has a firm base of specialized equipment, knowledge, and an experienced crew. “We use latest technologies and constantly transforming and progressing, thereby providing the best-in-class products and services and operating according to stringent safety standards,” says Shahid Zamal, the CEO and MD of the company.

The company has created many flying drones like agricultural, mapper drones, defense related drones, delivery drones, and autonomous delivery robots for surface as well. During the recent pandemic, the team of Startflying Solution was focused on designing a multipurpose autonomous delivery system that can perform tasks on itself without the need for human intervention

and saitize a particular area with the help of sanitizer sprayers. This product ensures a contactless delivery system which is in high demand during this pandemic situation.

“One of our clients is using a delivery robot with his big store to deliver the grocery items to his customers in nearby 5km area with 35kg payload without any manforce. And with this invention our motive is to introduce a self delivery system that eliminates the requirement of human power for delivery systems,” Shahid adds. This autonomous delivery vehicle can deliver groceries/food products without the need for human force. In addition to the self delivery system, this vehicle can also spray sanitizer on the surroundings. During this pandemic situation, the necessity to avoid human contact is at its peak and it can eliminate the need for personal human contact. This project is thus started to stop the spread of the virus anymore. The onboard guidance system how ever is equipped with GPS and compass for self motion of the vehicle. Also, its obstacle guidance system avoids collision with humans, pets, or any static or dynamic objects. An ultrasonic system helps in creating a virtual map of all the things surrounding the robot.

“We have good Mentors and an experienced active team behind Startflying Solution with expertise in the areas of Aeronautics, Electronics, Machine learning, and solid work designing. With a supportive management team here, we encourage each other to accept any kind of challenges,” Shahid confirms. Shahid also confirms that though there was a bit of struggle during the recent pandemic, the company is now doing well and its future vision is very clear about its products and Indian markets also accepting their future in drones Technology.

Startflying Solution is working in passenger drones for future transportation, going by the DGCA guideline and now it can make flying car and passenger drones. “We are now looking for investors for this project to move forward. Our main vision is to generate more employment and provide max possible facilities of Drone taxi or passenger drones to India and companies that can reach 3 to 5 hundred crores turnover during the next couple of years,”Shahid concludes.