The Salt Era: A New Definition of Effective Communication for Brands in Bangladesh

Sharmin Sultana Sumi, Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director,Shamim Ahamed Opu, Chief Operations Officers Pavel Areen, Chairman

Sharmin Sultana Sumi, Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director

Shamim Ahamed Opu, Chief Operations Officers Pavel Areen, Chairman

The New Creative Powerhouse in Dhaka, Salt Creatives believes in fast, effective and quality communications for their Bands and consumers. Today’s digital market is highly competitive and replete with various challenges. There are infinite number of examples of brand communications in the Digital space everyday, just grazing our minds in a blink of an eye. But Salt Creatives ensure their brands to be noticed through their strategy and stories, aimed to hook its audiences and prove their market efficacy.

Salt Creatives and Events Limited was founded by Sharmin Sultana Sumi and Pavel Areen in 2018, and Shamim Ahamed joined the force in 2019. The founder, Sharmin Sultana Sumi said over an in depth interview with Siliconindia StartupCity Magazine “The more people believe in a Brand, the more the brand gets a larger than life persona. A brand is not only about selling products, but transferring its philosophy, ownership, and commitment to its consumers as well. On that regard, we believe that we have to build bridges between brands and its consumers through telling everyday life stories and give solutions with timely creative outputs.” Sumi is a creative soul, apart from advertising, she is a musician and is the founder of one of the most beloved Bands in Bangladesh, Chirkutt, also known as the Global Bangladeshi Band. The Salt Creative Director Sumi started her career in advertising in 2007 with Grey Advertising Dhaka. Later she worked for Cogito, Adcomm, and MindTree. She consulted for BBC Media Action as well.
In her long and vibrant career in advertising, Sumi has looked over multiple brands like Grameenphone, AKTEL(now ROBI), Banglalink, City cell, GSK, Uniliver, Prothom Alo, New Zealand Dairy, Akij Group, Abul Khar group, SSG group, Pran, UCB, AB Bank and many more. She has also won the “Best Copywriter” award in 2010 at “Srijon Shomman India” for her excellence in copy writing. Her specialty and interest area are Strategy, Creative and team management. The more she explored the field, the more she felt like she belonged to the space. Eventually, she founded Salt with creativity as her capital.

Human insight led Brand Solutions
“Advertising helped me to become a human observer. On that note, that observant self helped me to understand the brand personality which I translated to Business solutions. In 2018, it was an emergency for me to establish Salt” says Sumi. There are hundreds of agencies in Bangladesh and therefore it was difficult for Salt to determine its USP that people would believe. We determined, fastest effective strategy and execution, creative output, and brand ownership are some of the key values of Salt.

The most distinctive feature of Salt is the diversity of thoughts and ideas. From the start, the agency has been delivering what it believed in. For example, through Salt’s relentless and effective communication for six months, Shwapno, the largest retail chain in Bangladesh and one of Salt’s most valued clients became the 8th most lovable brand in the country from their previous 30th position. It was a massive success for both teams.With just 3 years of age, Salt managed to win multiple awards from Brand Forum Bangladesh for its different services in the communication space. “We are trying to master ourselves in what we do,” says Sumi.

Salt is on its way to upgrade it self so that it can be recognised and loved by its stakeholders. Besides ACI Shwapno, Salt portfolio of clients also include Grameen Danone, Spelling Bee, Igloo Ice cream Bangladesh, some NGOs, Government bodies ,and others brands from the umbrella of ACI, MGI, SSG, Walton and Pran.

The New Creative Powerhouse
Salt’s growth graph has been moving upwards since its inception. Within the three years that it has been in the market, companies have already started to recognize Salt as a creative agency, which is a great achievement according to Sumi. The faith of clients and brands in the agency is quite encouraging for the team. Salt has more exciting and sustainable plans of its own to be executed shortly. It wants to spread its own brand name globally. With this dream and the hard work of the talented employees, it is sure that very soon Salt will reach a coveted spot in the advertising space.