13SQFT: Bestowing an Integrated Industry-Oriented eCommerce Platform

Alok Bansal,Founder & CEO

Alok Bansal

Founder & CEO

The warehousing industry has played a significant role in the growth and development of various businesses across diverse verticals and serves as a spine for them. It is entangled with sever-al obstacles like lack of infrastructure as almost 90% of the industry is controlled by unorganized players who manage small-sized warehouses with less/no mechanization.

In addition to this, the sector does not have a well-integrated digital portal that binds together all warehouses, spaces, factories and infrastructure solutions with technology to enable well optimized, quick supply chain and intralogistics management. To hold & eventually resolve these pain points, Mr. Alok Bansal, ex CEO of DTDC 3PL, founded 13SQFT. A B2B digital marketplace to provide all available spaces, infrastructure, and technologies on a unified platform.

"We instil five core values- a great passion to build, always ready for fastest responses, thrive for best client experience, speedy approach and above all, loving to work with people. We respect our clients, employees, and vendors at the same level," Alok explains.

13SQFT aggressively aims to pro-mote vocal for Local, make in India companies, start-ups and, new entrants to showcase their innovative products, exclusive launches, and branding/marketing campaigns. It is India's first-of-its-kind B2B plat-form on warehousing, logistics, and industries aggregating warehouses, lands, storage, packaging, technology, automation and robotics, contractors, consultants, service providers, manpower vendors, and all the infrastructure services on a unified platform.
With more than 80 categories and aligning with various partners in each of these, the company aims to be a 365-day virtual exhibition for SMEs, MNCs and start-ups scouting for the right clients or customers and for all clients scouting for the right vendors/OEMs and Products.

In Alok's words, “We follow a 360-degree business approach which caters to all our internal & external stakeholders”.

“As an organization, we believe in 3Es- Education, Experience, and Exposure and orient our efforts in the same direction," Alok adds.

13SQFT thus organizes regular training and development sessions to upscale individual skills, allocate certification courses to individual departments and monitor the completion of the same. Every Saturday is dedicated to Q&A and book summary sessions which are being discussed within the team as Alok believes in knowledge sharing sessions.

Our organization is an example of the Adhocracy Culture. We promote an open and inclusive work environment for all our employees. It is a performance-driven organization which promotes meritocracy and believes in providing equal opportunities to all

"Our organization is an example of the Adhocracy Culture. We promote an open and inclusive work environment for all our employees. It is a performance-driven organization that promotes meritocracy and believes in providing equal opportunities to all," Alok defines.

Started operating in 2020 with a team of 50 people from diversified backgrounds, a continuous expansion in 13SQFT's hiring takes place comprising of young and dynamic people. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon and operates for a huge clientele including DTDC, Kelley India, Nilkamal Material Handling, Balmer Lawrie, ESR, Embassy, Delta Storage, Kirby, DCGPAC, Renaissance, etc. "We maintain transparency while addressing the issues of all the stakeholders aligned with each project. And to achieve this we look for an entrepreneurial mind-set in the workforce we hire or try to inculcate the same skills by frequent brainstorming sessions and group discussions," Alok affirms. This ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce along with maintaining a safe and equitable ambiance among its employees.

13SQFT believes in constant evolution and adaptability with new advancements. Therefore, it aims to evolve with customer demands and user experience helping in reducing the acquisition cycle and increasing the growth of businesses associated. Proudly talking about his vision, Alok concludes by saying, "We plan to digitize the entire industry of warehousing and Infrastructure and bring more transparency to the vertical."