15 Buttons: Elevating Style by Offering Custom, Tailor-Made Apparel

Aayush Jhunjhunwala,  Co-FounderThe market landscape of family lifestyle brands is dynamic and competitive, driven by the rising demand for personalized, experiential fashion. The brands capitalize on the emotional connection of families, offering coordinated apparel and accessories. With a focus on unique designs, inclusivity, and customization, the market sees a surge in brands fostering togetherness. Customers in the family lifestyle market encounter challenges such as overwhelming choices, varying quality standards, and the need for sustainable options, making informed and satisfactory purchases more complex. 15 Buttons is a dynamic family lifestyle brand reshaping the fashion landscape. The company has successfully navigated the challenges of the fashion industry by offering a unique blend of custom designed, vibrant twinning outfits for couples and families, along with whimsical dog shirts.

In April 2020, amid the challenges of a global pandemic, the Founders, partners in both business and life, envisioned 15 Buttons as a solution to bridge the gap between local tailor-made shirts and fast fashion. The idea behind the name 15 Buttons came from how if you closely look at a full sleeve men’s shirt, one can find exactly 15 buttons on it (including two extras), this resonates the brand’s value of attention to detail.

The company was initially launched as a custom men's shirt brand, and it’s been a great journey since then with marked resilience and innovation. Overcoming the hurdles of operating in COVID times, the Founders steamed ironed garments themselves, worked from home and navigated logistical challenges. The introduction of printed shirts gained traction, expanding into diverse categories, including dog shirts, women's wear, and twinning outfits. The challenges faced during the initial years shaped the company's ethos, fostering adaptability, customer-centricity, and an unwavering commitment to delivering joy through personalized, on-demand fashion.

Twinning Joyfully, Tailoring Memories

A trendsetting family lifestyle brand, the firm boasts diverse offerings across four distinct categories: Men, Women, Twinning, and Pets. In Menswear, the brand excels in crafting custom casual shirts, cords, and formal shirts, with a standout focus on unique printed designs. Womens wear features a versatile collection, including tops, co-ord dresses, jumpers, and kaftans, with customization options for sizing, patterns, and fabrics. The Twinning category showcases three sub genres: Couple twinning outfits, Family outfits for all members, and Couple t-shirts with matching or complementary quotes. Pioneering a niche in the competitive fashion market, 15 Buttons stands out for its emphasis on twinning and family customization, fostering a unique identity of its own. “I remember twinning with my one-year old son and an unknown couple recognized our brand just by the print”, adds Aayush Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder.

The company’s exclusive USP lies in creating quirky dog shirts, adding a playful touch to pet fashion. Embracing a dynamic business model, 15 Buttons operates on a make-to-order basis, digitally printing fabrics on demand. This contributes to environmental sustainability and supports local tailoring communities in India. Leveraging direct-to-consumer interaction, the brand remains competitive by adapting to consumer preferences, incorporating AI tools for design, and prioritizing in-house quality control. Customer feedback is integral, serving as both validation and a catalyst for continuous improvement in product, service, and overall shopping experience.

In pursuit of sustained and profitable growth,15 Buttons envisions maintaining its remarkable 200 percent year-on-year expansion. The company is dedicated to exceeding investor expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase, and fostering a content and fulfilled team. Over the next five years, the company aims to solidify its status as a household brand in India and embark on a global journey, expanding its presence in international markets and venturing into retail spaces.