3N Sirius Consulting: One-Stop Service Provider for HR & Accounting Solutions

  Neha Nihitha Vanagala,    Managing Partner

Neha Nihitha Vanagala

Managing Partner

3N Sirius Consulting, founded in 2019, aims to empower startups and MSMEs by providing complete HR solutions and recruitment. The company's offer also includes accounting/bookkeeping, payroll and statutory compliance services.

Inception Story
The inception idea of the company was incorporated by three women when they observed the descending trend in the quality of the HR and understood the need to implement improvised HR practices to comply with the growing needs of the employees and the organizations. As the company continued to mature, aspects like finance, HR, and statutory compliances were included. Eventually, they went on to affiliate with chartered accountants and legal advisors for accounting and compliance operations.

3N Sirius understands the significance of each above-mentioned aspects and aspires to implement the best practices and policies for companies that lack structural documentation. Besides, the company intends to become a pioneer in HR practices by providing better services to address the various challenges faced by organizations.

Neha Nihitha Vanagala, the managing partner of 3N Sirius Consulting is the authority figure who steered the company to greater heights. Nihitha started her career in the Finance domain and worked her way toward operations and human resource management earning an MBA with HR as her specialization. Her vast experience in the industry helped her understand the Indian recruitment trends and identify market possibilities. She foresaw the immense opportunity for growth in this field and as a result, went on to incept the company with her two companions.

Interestingly, the title `3N Sirius' signifies the three women behind the success of the company whose names start with the letter 'N' and Sirius indicates the brightest star in the night sky which symbolizes their objective to enlighten people and companies with its prowess. The company started with two client startups in their initial stage with a minimal workforce. 3N Sirius joined forces
with them and helped in their recruitment, set up company HR policies, and handled their complete HR division. Both startups now run with an employee strength of over 200 positions. As one can see, they continued their journey with many more clients and multiplied their revenue ten times since its inception. "Even in the current economy with signs of an oncoming recession and recruitment being slowed down by most companies, we are still going strong, thanks to our diversified verticals", adds Nihitha.

3N Sirius established their presence in the market by offering varied services under one roof. In the accounting and payroll department, they manage everyday book-keeping, finalization of accounts, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, schedule preparation as per schedule III of the companies act, monthly payroll, ROC filings, employee reimbursements, payslips, Form 16, and tax planning of employees, and more. Likewise, when it comes to recruitment, the company takes care of permanent and contract placements for clients per their requirements. They closed IT positions like frontend developers, backend developers, full stack developers, project managers, Business Analysts, DBA, DevOps, Test Engineers (Automation & Manual) and more, & non-IT positions like accountants, finance managers, operations managers auditors, HR managers, and so on.Similarly, with statutory compliances they handle registrations, return filing, and certification renewals of labour licenses, PF, ESI, PT, Gratuity, setup POSH committees, employment exchanges act, and so on.

3N enables startups and MSMEs with building their noncore but equally important departments with its professional expertise thus letting the company's focus on their core business activities

The success factor of this company is undoubtedly the team of certified professionals who works cooperatively to offer the best services. They have qualified charted accountants for financial planning and analysis and payroll activities, HR professionals for HR activities, and legal advisors to look after the statutory compliances for the clients.

Going forward, Nihitha plans to add a few more verticals to the services provided including US taxation, Corporate training in HR, and accounting training with practical exposure.Moreover, she looks forward to expanding the company to a workforce of fifty and achieving a turnover of 20 million by 2024.

3N's Value Addition
The demand for audit and tax consultancies has risen due to the implementation of GST and improved collaboration between government authorities and financial institutions. Consequently, it has forced businesses to mandatorily comply with the government's regulations, amended labour laws, and adapt to the changing dynamics of the economy. Here, companies are in need of adept assistance to strategically grow amid the challenges. This is where 3N Sirius Consulting from Hyderabad comes into the picture.