4KMiles: Wanderlust, Personified!

Amitesh Ghose,Partner
When one of the founder’s friends wanted to visit a certain part of Eu¬rope, most of the travel agents that he enquired discouraged him and pushed him to visit popular destinations because of the cheap packages that they had. This was not the first time that the founder had witnessed such an incident, there had been several times where he came across some similar happenings. Born out of the notion of addressing these exact issues, the founder sculpted the foundation of 4K Miles and ventured into the entrepreneurial world. “We have named the company 4K Miles since the radius of the earth is approximately 4000 miles and we wish to help our travellers reach every corner of the world with ease. We cover all aspects of your travel needs – from convenient transfers, comfortable accommodation to sightseeing & even choice of meals. At 4KMiles, we furnish pre-designed packages and fixed-departure holidays that would leave a lasting memory,” says the founder, 4KMiles.

Specialists in customized travel, 4K Miles provides holiday packages all over India as well as across the globe. Along with covering all the well-known destinations that are ever popular with tourists like Andamans, Kerala and Rajasthan in India and Switzerland, South
East Asia, it also offers holiday packages for less-known places like North Eastern part of India and offbeat international destinations like Mongolia, Malta, Croatia and others From several pilgrimage tours based on different parts of India to tours for theme weddings, bachelor’s parties, honeymoon specials, 4K Miles lets you explore awesome destinations at best possible rates. “More than 80 per cent of travel consumers say that personalization affects their purchase decisions. Here at 4K Miles we start with discussions to gather insights on traveller behaviour, tastes and preferences and provide travel solutions tailored to their needs,” the founder asserts.

With several years of experience behind 4KMiles understands various individual’s travel requirements and does not hesitate to go the extra mile to cater to the needs of the different segments of travelers.

Based in Kolkata, the new travel startup was presented with a number of challenges where they came across consumers who were not clear about their travel destination and insisted on going for the hectic tour after which they fail to take advantage of the edge furnished by 4KMiles. However, with several years of experience behind, the company has developed a deep understanding of various individual’s travel requirements and does not hesitate to go the extra mile to cater to the needs of the different segments of travelers.

Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously and has made significant strides in the travel domain with its unique service portfolio. The startup is also planning to launch a franchise model soon to expand its horizon in various parts of India. Be it a hassle-free holiday to some well-known destination or your thirst to discover paths less-trodden, 4K Miles tends to be the best travel companion every step of the way. “We are in the process of developing unique and enjoyable tours of various destinations India has to offer to foreign consumers. We also aspire to start catering to FTAs by 2020 while also improving our digital presence with a more enhanced website and mobile apps that would help our clients communicate and book tours with more ease,” they conclude.