78 Design: Positive Working Environment that Leverages Team Members' Strength into Enhancive Outcome




Brand identity remain a collection of visual elements that makes the business unique from other businesses. Successful companies pay thoughtful attention to their brand identity. Many more global companies have corporate communications departments that focus on building brand identity, maintaining it, evolving the brand identity and brand image to ensure that corporate identity facilitates the corporate business objectives. A successful brand identity is one of the company's most valuable assets. Truth be told, the general worth of organizations merely reflected in the high worth of their image.

78 Design was established in 2016 by Jivesh Goenka, with passion for design and experience with inter-acting with multiple brands along with the support from his friends & family. The company has grown from being just a registered company to a unique boutique design agency accoladed with International Design Awards 2020 and The Big Bang Awards 2019. The firm specializes in various domains and segments of the design and the forte lies in designing brand identities, marketing communications, films, social media management, digital marketing, experiential spaces, and social events.
78 Design holds a strong ground in two industrial verticals namely Restaurant Branding and Organizational Communication. The approach for all projects involves thorough research, analysis, brainstorming to understand the requirements of the brand, in-stead of focusing solely on the creative aspects that lay ahead. The designs are aesthetic yet functional in all sense.

Moreover, 78 Design have been built as a merely reflected for creative minds with an office that is pet-friendly, has music hours, a giant Lego wall, gives full freedom to team members to explore new avenues of growth and present their ideas regardless of their professional experience. The firm has a proud creative team of young talent that brings fresh thoughts and Beyond the frame thinking to all the projects. At 78 Design, team members are not considered as employees, rather, they are treated as partners who own the company.

This builds ownership in their work, mindset, deadlines, relationships with each other and the clients. The 3 key pillars of 78 Design's strength are Trust, Respect, and Freedom. where in the team members are trusted to give their 100% in all projects, respected for their ideas, given the freedom to work in their style, choose their project and contribute their efforts in all ways possible. "We encourage libarity thinking, especially for a domain like ours where ideas rule the world and being relevant while being innovative is what keeps the boat afloat" signifies Jivesh Goenka.

While working in the company the employees get hands-on benefit and value addition on free learning. where all online courses are sponsored by the company. Everyone at 78 Design is encouraged to learn, join Masterclasses, and have joint learning sessions to enable a shared understanding of subject matters. Each team member is encouraged to explore not just different trends but everything that comes in handy when working on projects. The company does not follow a hierarchy, once assigned to a project, the member is the lead and the blot is entirely on them.

No one is superior to anyone and believes in a shared working experience. 78 Design has ensured not to restrict the potential of any employee to their respective department. In this multi-skilled world, if the team member possesses the talent, the firm finds avenues to help them use their talent. "Our goals are always will be to make everyone feel like the owner of the company, a family member, and responsible for the growth of the company," concludes Jivesh Goenka.